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Posted · Hidden by jasonbi15, December 12, 2011 - No reason given
Hidden by jasonbi15, December 12, 2011 - No reason given

This is really starting to annoy me. Here is my timeline:

Nov 3 - Ordered a pair of jeans via the SharpService website, paid the full price for the jeans at that time

Nov 13 - Nov 23 - Emailed them asking the status of the jeans. NO RESPONSE.

Nov 23 - Finally they sent me an updated invoice with the additional shipping + fee costs. Paid this via Paypal immediately after receiving the invoice.

Today, Dec 5 - I've emailed them twice in the past 3 days asking for an update. NO RESPONSE


At this point I can't tell if this is some elaborate scam or they are just terrible at customer service. If I do get my jeans it will probably be the last time I use SharpService. For example, I bought another pair of jeans on Rakuten, and despite most vendors on there only speaking japanese, a combination of great customer service and google translate, my jeans are here just ONE WEEK after placing the order.

What a big deal ?

They owed me some refund and told me at least three times they would check the account and gave me no response.

What can i say? It just took them forever to give my money back.

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I submitted paypal disputes yesterday on two items I've paid for.....it has already been a month since the last auction ended. I haven't gotten responses to any of my emails, but they were on the ball when I was placing my order. wtf? i don't know what the hell is going on...and if you're reading this hide/nobu.....please either give me a full refund or send me what I paid for.

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I recently had a terrible transaction with Sharpservice. Took a month to get an order to me after the auction ended. I also tried to buy from uniqlo.jp, however Hide insisted "that uniqlo takes a long time to deliver". Fair enough I tried to be patient, but I think 3 weeks without any sort of update from uniqlo or Sharpservice is excessive (is there really no tracking or updating on uniqlo.jp's end?). Plus Hide had a terrible and unprofessional attitude when I emailed him for updates and eventually I just canceled an entire order. Anyways, what really annoyed me the most is Sharpservice's overcharge for shipping. I got charged $4500 yen for a single jacket, when I received the package it was clearly marked as a $2100 yen postage.

If you really think about it, Sharpservice isn't even the most cost effective service. The 5% proxy fee only comes from sending them payment as "gift" otherwise you get smacked with a "paypal fee" making it cost just as much if not more compared to other proxies. Also they consistently charge more for shipping sometimes double the actual shipping cost. Sharpservice used to be a great proxy that really cared about their niche customers, but recently they have gone way down hill (as the countless posts prove above..). In the end there are many similarly priced options with much better service imo.

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Preeeetty much the same story here.

Put +J order in on 2nd November.

Was told that it can take 10 days to arrive. Okay that's fine.

Then I ask for more updates and I start getting emails saying "Someone will contact you later about your order"

This went on for a full month - 28 days - same email response.

28th November I finally get a confirmation email saying they have accepted my order .. followed immediately by a cancellation and refund email.

I email sharpservice and ask what the hell is going on why is it so hard to do a store pickup. They offered no explanation even after I point out that half the items I want are still in stock. Just to say it is unfortunate that I choose to make such comments. .. as if it's somehow my fault.

This is not even counting the 3 week wait for a failed auction refund. I am currently waiting for another they never even bid on. My guess is they will keep my money for about another two weeks.

Really bad all round. Will never deal with them again.

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I haven't had nearly as bad a time as the rest of you, but it still seemed bad service to me. Ordered a pair of Virgils on Tuesday November 22, was told I could have them by the weekend and there was one pair left. Paid, waited, emailed on the Friday because I had no contact, was told they were awaiting delivery from FIL. On the following Tuesday I mailed for an update and was told they were still awaiting delivery. On the Thursday of that week I mailed again, Nobu said they were still awaiting delivery and I said if they hadn't arrived within 48 hours I would request a refund.

Was immediately told boots had arrived at their warehouse and were being shipped out. Arrived on the Monday, just under two weeks from my order.

I considered it a long time until I read the comments in this thread.

During this time contact was very friendly and polite at first but became shorter and sharper with the more inquiries I made.

I will consider alternative proxies in future.

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Second flawless transaction with sharpservice japan (one last year). Hide-san was extremely helpful, even when there were some bidding difficulties. And of course, he was always polite and prompt in his responses. Shipping time only depends on the original seller; once sharpservice gets your product, they ship it right away. If you want to have a good transaction, use sharpservice!

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UPDATE: Sharp Service came through afterall! I received everything through EMS today. I closed all my paypal disputes as well. It seems one of the sellers took his sweet time sending out my purchase, but SSJ sent my order out immediately upon receiving my last item. There was also some miscommunication, so everyone be patient and you'll get your stuff in the end.

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Posted · Hidden by Thor, December 20, 2011 - No reason given
Hidden by Thor, December 20, 2011 - No reason given

I have had 2 previously good experiences with this Proxy.

However, my recent experience is poor. After sending my cash on 5/12, I have since heard nothing.

I appreciate they are busy and everything but they are quick enough to give a quote when you enquire about buying something.

I don't particularly mind if things take a while but to not respond to emails when they have almost £200 of my money, sent as a gift so I can't get it back, is completely out of order.

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This is bullshit, I e-mailed them 4 days ago and they replied yesterday morning with amount paypal fees. E-mailed them again today to confirm purchase of an item i've been looking for for over 6 years and they don't reply at all because they are on holidays with no warning. I've spent over 8 grand with them within the last 3 years and I can honestly say that their quality of service is dropping.

If I knew that they wouldn't reply to e-mails I would have gone with another proxy service just so I could know if they got the item for me or not.

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