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  1. Yohji Yamamoto shoes sold! Dior Homme blazer still going for an unbelievable price!
  2. A size and price range would increase your chances of success.
  3. Prices dropped by 10% — I've got the best deals around!
  4. Bump n grind
  5. Prices dropped!
  6. Griffith Park jeans sold! Yohji Yamamoto x Repetto tango shoes added!
  7. Damn, if you've got a lame dude, just leave him! That said, I'm not that keen on seeing someone who's going to be creeping behind my back.
  8. The last five consecutive women with whom I have gone on a date have revealed to me that they have boyfriends, either just prior to, or during the first (and last) date. And I checked the stories out; it's true. What the fuck is going on here?
  9. Haha I totally get you. I used to be really into bikes, before I injured one of my wrists. I was a serious weight weenie (carbon fibre seat clamp serious) and I remember that in my final year I spent thousands building a bike I never even got to ride! I then sold that bike for something idiotic like half price.
  10. For a long time I wondered how ghetto drug addicts could afford their drugs. Then I started buying nice clothes, and became an addict myself. The funny thing is that one starts buying $500 jeans for $150, and it's hard to stop. Pretty soon, I've spent $500, which is still $500 (i.e. a lot of money), regardless of what it actually paid for.
  11. Super Slender jeans sold! Bump for the blazer and the Griffith Park jeans
  12. No worries! And again, your second point is very astute. I'm the quintessential Type A with decent, if limited game (I can't work total strangers). Historically, I've had more problems with moderating my own social expectations than living up to anyone else's, and with seeming accessible. The most recurring critique is that I am intimidating simply in my togetherness (or rather, in the assumed judgementality thereof). That is all to say that I would like to think that there is more to a relationship than a MacBeth-like rivalry, but that I think I can also satisfy the vicarious ambition of likeminded women.
  13. You make me sound so pathetic! Don't get me wrong, that's good advice, but I just meant that it would nice to meet someone who is sincere and ambitious. Type As are elusive.
  14. Do you know what I hate? Flaky bitches. I need a chick that'll ride or die, pullin' the five, gettin' high with Gucci frames over her eyes.