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    MA-1 Jackets

  2. Fingathing

    yes or no? / this or that?

    Anyone know who made this? or find something similar?
  3. Fingathing

    SharpServiceJapan - japan proxy

    Is Hide still around?, tried emailing him but no answer was unsure if they're closed until new year?
  4. Fingathing

    SharpServiceJapan - japan proxy

    Well its the whole fiasco with the last few days when they asked for a further deposit to then suddenly when I do get a email saying they were out. and therefore can't bid. So why ask me to add to the deposit in the 1st place when I could have got another proxy.
  5. Fingathing

    SharpServiceJapan - japan proxy

    too soon to file a paypal complaint?, they been good so far.
  6. Fingathing

    SharpServiceJapan - japan proxy

    Still waiting for a refund, has anyone heard back from him?.
  7. Fingathing

    SharpServiceJapan - japan proxy

    Frustrating, was told to add funds to my deposit to bid and got an email saying Our offices will be closed from 11.30am-5pm (5/11/11 - 6/11/11)
  8. Fingathing

    American Proxy

    Toasty is helping me:)
  9. Fingathing

    American Proxy

    Hi Need an American proxy to order me something, can anything be kind enough to help?.
  10. Fingathing

    Arcteryx Veilance Field Jacket 3l - xs=small

    INVENTORY IS SELLING THE LT VERSION ie HS03 which is lighter and hass less tech not the HSO1. big difference.
  11. Fingathing

    Arcteryx Veilance Field Jacket 3l - xs=small

    measurements be up soon. I do know p2p is 20"
  12. Fingathing

    Arcteryx Veilance Field Jacket 3l - xs=small

    bump to top.
  13. Arcteryx Veilance Field Jacket Size XS but fits a true small. Comes with hanger and jacket cover. Only tried on once. Details: - Gore-Tex Pro Shell - 100% waterproof - taped micro seams - stowable hood - WaterTight zippers - laminated quick-dry chin guard - back shoulder pleat for movement - angled leak-proof chest and hand pockets with flaps - inside document pocket - hidden security pocket - adjustable waist cord - adjustable pull tab wrist cuff - articulated elbows Price:$800 GIFT OBO
  14. Fingathing


    New jackets or reissues of previous collection.