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yes or no? / this or that?


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I'm about to order a pair of Tricker's Stows and I just can't decide on the colour. I'm torn between Acorn Antique (top) and Espresso Burnished (bottom). I'm drawn more towards the Espresso Burnished, but I'm concerned they'll be too dark and look like black boots half the time. Has anyone seen this colour in person?



I've ruled out black as I already have a pair of black boots, and also Marron Antique as I have a pair of brogues in a similar colour already. There is a burgundy version that is also available but I'm not sure I'm keen on it.

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I just found this at a local store for 299 (450 retail?). It's an arcteryx beta AR in WMNS Large.

I was also thinking of arcteryx beta SL in amazon

I get more compliments on my arcteryx shells than i have gotten on all of my jawnz combined.

I just can't choose between the two... I've spent the past two years in the middle of nowhere and my "fashion" radar rather sucks now.

The mirror sucks hard.





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there's a lot of fake arcteryx on egay nowadays

ill try to look into the beams one but im pretty set on the beta SL in teak



found it. 72500 yen. i can buy rick owenz with 72500 yen.

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how about the tnf venture, i'm pretty happy with it. watertight, all seams sealed and for the price you couldn't ask for more

thanks for the suggestion but TNF is too douchey / american

also i never liked acronym. it gives off some crazy otaku vibe.

hoglof or arc

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