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yes or no? / this or that?


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Guest umhaha84

^ they are john varvatos chucks,

yeah I think i'm just gonna go for regular chucks and beat the shit out of it.

got any suggestion for black shoes to go with DR?

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Need a small camera because I've been sick of lugging dslr around. Buy canon S90?

Thinking of jumping on buying one because it's already sold out at a bunch of places but apparently Overstock.com has it for $420 + $1 shipping which is the cheapest I've seen it online.

Also Overstock.com is pretty legit right? Never bought anything from there before.

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i just ordered a bunch of sheets from overstock, but i havent got them yet so i dunno how nice they are. from what ive read, if you have any problems with the camera they may be no help, or may charge you out the ass to return it. if it were me id pay an extra 30 or 40 locally just so i didnt have to worry about it. i guess it depends on what the price diff is

s90 is so ill.

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I'm desperate for time and even more desperate for $$$.

I have a graduation dinner coming up, and a prize giving,

how awkward would it be for me to wear black suede desert boots with a very slim black suit?

I'm assuming it may come off a bit informal, (it's just high school btw),

I can't find any oxfords in my budget, was looking at park avenues by Allen Edmonds but shit aint in my size on ebay and times running out.

HALP! :)

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Go with the one you like more. Personally, I like the first one because of the huge collar.

Yeah i'm digging the huge collar but the second one's cheaper and I like that one alot too... so i'm having trouble deciding. btw, your locations are awesome. i'm currently located in berkeley but i want to make my way up to seattle sometime.

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