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Post some "Next level" shit.


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I've seen the term scattered around here and there, but I dont have a clear idea of what is the "next level shit" in the fashion sense. I know it's a subjective thing. but i want to know what outfits, brands, or gear you sincerely consider to be on the next level, because I wouldnt mind being there. Explain it to me like i'm 5.

I'm serious! Keep the sarcastic responses to a minimum.

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-"Two-block" haircut ala japanese boy working at nom de guerre

-Big "aerobics" high-top sneakers ala Rick Owens

not necessarily high tops

but ive started seeing people wearing shoes that are few sizes too big just to get the big-foot effect.

-Really wide straight jeans (kinda like tenderloin T rider denim)

-Mega-sized hoodies e.g. bernard w.

ask dj_rajio & jmatsu

they know some trendy ass thangs

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