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Post some "Next level" shit.


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link was just posted above.

and white kids have had cornrows? THEYRE NOT THE NEXT DOPENESS? shit, now I have to shave my head.. next youre probably tell me some crazy shit like theres a new Nintendo or something.

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here's one:

There's a canadian biotech company called nexia (http://www.nexiabiotech.com/en/00_home/index.php) that has bred dwarf goats that they call BELE goats for breed early lactate early. These goats become sexually active at a relatively young age and have large litters of kids. But here's the kicker: this company has isolated a gene in the goats' genome that codes for proteins in the milk. So, they inserted a SPIDER gene and now these goats produce spider silk proteins in their milk. Nexia is currently working with other companies to try and find a way to make fibers out of this so-called "biosteel" protein material. Eventually they plan to produce long fibers which contain all the properties of spider draglines, eg: hold 100x their weight, etc. Imagine a shirt which can stop bullets. Or goats which shoot spider threads to capture their human prey. SCARY!

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