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weekend sales recap:

Nom de guerre: 30% off of jawns downstairs. They had 850 dollar rain jackets / anoraks. The pricing is just out of control. DAMN.

Aloha rag NYC: Really shitty shit. Nothing left. Margiela high tops @ 40% off. Nothing else looked interesting.

Barneys: 40% off on SELECT merchandise. Nothing worth copping. Rick Owens and plenty of other high fashun hightops.

Odin: 40% off. Woolrich, Geller NOT on sale. EG was on sale however.

Rick owens: 40% off of EVERYTHING including the dude with a bunch of tattoos and that WHITE guy.

Atelier: 40% off of all the finest goth ninja items. Lots of rick left. Buy.

I didn't check Steven Alan. I might have gone to some other stores but those are the ones I recall.

That CON / Billy Kirk sample sale was one of the best sample sales I have been to in the recent years. You guys slept.

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Pretty much everything at The Archive is 40 to 60% off. A couple of Rick leathers left in L and XL (Rick's jacket, the non-shiny ombre one, moto jacket). Good prices on shoes, too.

I heard misterpretender bought the entire stock of Xs, S, and M.

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im in nyc next weekend....im hoping the opening ceremony is placing some of the N.hoolywood on sale. I want me some dress shirts.

is it worth it to go to atelier or however you spell it. do they have anything on sale as of yet?

N. Holly is on sale but not the "under summit wear" line.

OC had a pretty high markup to begin with so it wasn't exactly cheap.

I also went to OC but I didn't find anything interesting. There's some japanese import stuff downstairs and most of their house label stuff is on sale.

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The den has super discounted gellerz in big sizes e.g. 52.

Also, CP dress shuz were crazy cheap ~ 140. Size 45 and 46. Paging KUNK.

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Between now and June 15th, we're offering you everything on the site at 50% off!

Just in time for the long days and warm weather ahead, we're allowing our Off The Grid subscribers a chance to pre shop the Spring line before we open it up to the general public.

Just use the code SUMMERFUN during the order summary section of check out to take advantage of this limited time offer.

the twill chin-no's are seriously the greatest khakis ever - im on my third pair with this sale.

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