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Have not seen it mentioned but a store in the west village of NYC called Kesner is having a 75% off sale on everything. Includes Patrick Ervell, Tim Hamilton, and Tom Ford

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Upcoming Gilt sales: band of outsiders Wednesday

Invitation link: giltgroupe(dot)com/invite/perpetualburns

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How is the Barney's L.A. warehouse sale?

Pretty much the same. Though now you pay $12 for parking and they have 2 makeshift "dressing rooms".

I got there at 8 so I was able to get some decent Dior stuff, but that was mostly gone within the first 15 mins. It seemed like there was more women's stuff than usual, but the guys was about the same.

One thing I did notice was that at the last sale the prices were exactly the same as they had been at the end of the clothes' run at the store. Today it seemed like they had taken another round of discounts off of the prices.

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How is the Barney's L.A. warehouse sale?

I went there yesterday at like 1pm there was nothing as far as clothes go. They had all the brands but nothing to get. Didn't look at suits either. The shoes were probably the best, they had rick sneakers for 600, raf astros (ugly colors though), lowtop silver raf velcro jawns, some dior, lanvins pierre hardy high tops etc...

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online shop du


thank god I didn't purchase off their site yesterday when the markdowns were less :)

I just visited OC today for the first time and was surprised how much damn stuff they had in that basement. Lots of N Hollywood that I had never seen before since Blackbird has only carried a lot of their layering basics. I would have picked up their wool thermal sweater in grey if i was a medium and not small. Only 70 bucks marked down from 300. Didn't realize they had an online store until I saw this post.

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Guest Phrost

if boutique

mostly stuff left over from last basement sale

f/w bigger sizes (50-54)

black pants mostly $100

veronique branquinho suit jackets, coats, black pants, nice made in belgium black suit jacket sz 52

undercover dark gray with light gray striped wool turtle neck $150

y's black suit jackets, black pants $210+

ann d black pants

lots of peachoo krejberg

margiela pants, suit jackets

women's s/s 09 junya african prints

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hit barneys LA opening day.

Rick black mirror leather size M. not too sure how long that'd stick around at under $800...plus, barneys LA doesn't even carry rick mens.

grabbed Lanvin slip on derbys, one of the only things I'd been eyeing up since the season started.

did anyone hit this sale up the last couple days? i heard the discounts grow as the days go on...

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I'm not on this site much and i'm sure you guys have heard of this site, but gilt.com is all about sales on high end fashion/luxury brands. Right now its on Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Edun, Nudie, and some others. And on Monday they'll have BBC and Ice cream up. But the site is invite only so heres an invite link if you're interested


and heres a calender to see what brands theyre gonna have sales on in the future.


and again, sorry if this is something everyone knows about

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