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  • 2 weeks later...


Decent selection. Hickey Freeman, John Varvatos, D&G, Barney's brand, etc.

Wouldn't even really look at these until the final days though.


Wack. J-Brand, Crate, Some Nudies, Levi's Capital E, etc.


Decent. Varvatos, Rogues Gallery, Engineered Garments, RRL (although i don't think there are many left)


This could be the biggest steal later in the sale. Rick Owens, Margiela, Prada, Paul Smith, NIke, Common Projects

By Designer

They have a section organized by designer. NN, NomD, AnnD, BoO, D&G, APC, and a bunch of others. Picking were fairly slim though.

Overall, selection is average, pricing is still high as of now. However, it is very very uncrowded. It'll probably pick up this weekend. I'll probably check it out when the second markdowns go up.

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I just got back from SF warehouse sale.

Basically everything has been really picked over. Brands are as described above.

Co-op stuff has a wide variety of sizes, but with other stuff only large sizes are left. I didn't see any rick owens stuff out (am i blind), and only one or two Ann D pieces (both medium) were out. If you wanna cop some $1200 lanvin sweaters for 75% off though, i guess you're set.

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Shoes were pretty golden. Had Paul Smith cages, ankle boots, etc etc. Rick Owens hightops in both black and white. Rick Owens boots and Margiela hightops.

Prices were basically what you saw at the end of Barneys -5-10%

I've never been to a warehouse sale but I'm assuming they do further markdowns during the week or will they just ship it out to LA

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I took another peek today. They got another small shipment today. I picked up a pair of washed RRL redline selvedge jeans. Also saw a pair of Surface to Air Justice jawns but didn't cop.

Further markdowns are as follows:

  • 25% off suits, jackets, ties
  • come to think of it... that's it

I saw a ton more shoes on display including the margiela and RO hightops I mentioned earlier in the thread. Didn't really look around though. A couple additions to the designer racks, but I didn't see anything of particular note.

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ok, just got back from the barney's sale actually

everything with red tags was marked down a further 25% off...

can't say much about mens things other than there was a shitload of nice shoes (someone should cop that rick owens in size 8 or 9 quick....) lots of barneys dress shirts, a couple lanvin... like others said, the denim selection was piss poor, basically nudies, acne, levis E.

women's was almost as bad, a couple of good things here and there, but mostly marc jacobs, helmut lang, co-op, etc.

only things i copped were a surface to air shirt and some shoez


might be going back sunday though. we'll seee

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