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Corny White Girls Appreciation


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thank you canada. thank you so so much.

love that whore. and white whores in general.

what ever happened to the simple pleasures of home-style apple pie?

i can't eat mochi ice cream all the time like some of you dudes.

no. no. no.

she has a hoof.


get another snowflake.

"don't drink cristal no more just pour it on white bitches heads "

-weezy f.

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What I'm saying is just cos someone's got what you think is a hot body don't mean

sex with them is going to be naything special.

word... ive had amazing sex with average or below girls and shitty sex with hot girls.

actually, lots of shitty sex with hot girls...

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so.... i can gather from reading over this thread that there are some hot girls who are bitchy and don't feel the need to try. but some hot girls that are actually nice.

and that there are some mid level girls who think they are better than they are. but there are some that are nice.

and that there are fat girls who actually aspire to date good looking guys. and some that don't.

wow....who knew????

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I would post some pix of white broads but I just posted a massive gallery of naked emo chicks in the other thread. and im too tired.

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