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adsurgo's denim project


back pocket stitiching or no?  

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  1. 1. back pocket stitiching or no?

    • back pocket stitching
    • no back pocket stitching

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I guess the patterns are done and will be shipped soon. I'm in atlanta now so when I get home ill have to figure out how I'm getting everything together for production. like I said, I don't think this is happening before I leave because I'm on like a pre-tour deal now and can't do much of the initial handlings from the road. everybody has been talked to and I should have no problem having an actual sample of these made like two weeks after I get back (late august/ early september, sounds far but it really isn't.)

I need to make a poll for the back pocket stitching. is it possible for me to do that without making another thread??

ill post the patch an lael pictures whenever I'm home and freeee.

sorry about how slow this has been going. recently I've been so much more busy than I should be.

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Alright, here are some of my thoughts on the design.

I think it would be a good idea to have the sufu tab verticaly rather than horizontally because the logo really looses its personality when you flip it like that.

Here is my concept for the SUFU tab:


Here is a clean sketch of my first idea for the stitching. Do a really classic levi's style stitching of the two half arcs. If people are worried about the design being too loud, I think it would be pretty subtle in blue or black stitching. The arcs would come out after a good amount of wear.


Here is my second idea. The basic premise is to do a mix between repro and dior with a green tight stitch similiar to the line that is on the bottom of samurai's arcuates.


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Missed this thread completely. I'm 95% in and will PM soon as well as start to contribute to the remaining ideas.

redline 15 oz fabric from cone. Not my ideal but not a deal breaker

dior 21 oz cut, slightly modded. Good.

painted green tag. I like the idea of a blank green tag

superfuture tag inside (still havent got word from wayne so this isnt 100%). Not that important to me. See below

leather patch with jeans pulling apart a person. Pulling apart is tired. I like the idea of a simple branding iron. Or shipping blank and letting us hot-iron brand our own.

blue and black stitching. Good

green pocketbags. Good

green halflined back pockets. Sure but not necessary

not sure about rivets or back pocket stitching yet. Working on some stich ideas.

**What about giving a name to this project? like "SoiP" (Sum of its Parts). Then we can put that on the tag or wherever. This way it keeps Superfuture's name out of it.

I'm mellow and like the idea of getting this right instead of rushing it. No need for the instant gradification. Thank you, Absurdo..mucho props for such an undertaking.

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too dior-ish i think since itll already be a 21cm cut, or at least based off it. what if we alter the lee lazy s instead of levis arcuates? i really like samurai's adaptation of it.

id probably be wallowing in a pair of 1945s if i didnt know about adsurgo or cheeps projects. must ...not... buy new denim while i wait for these jeans.

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I really like Meta's designs.

I also like ChattyPuma's V2, even though it looks like a square root haha.

Adsurgo... keep up the good work. It looks like you have a lot on your plate right now, but I (and I'm pretty sure everybody else) really appreciate all of the effort you are putting into this. I can't wait to see the samples!!!

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I'm pretty interested in this...

a few things-

The monogoliods are fucking awesome, I didnt know you were in that band. Come back to Richmond, please.

Does anyone have a measurement chart for dior 21's? Im not exactly sure how they fit.

The streaky cone denim is great.

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its a damn square root symbol. wtf?
I really like Meta's designs.

I also like ChattyPuma's V2, even though it looks like a square root haha.

It is indeed a square root. The other is a drafting symbol for a line that is much longer but couldn't fit on the page. Guess I'm just not that into curvy lines that don't come to a point on men's pockets. Call me a mophobe if you want.

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