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adsurgo's denim project


back pocket stitiching or no?  

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  1. 1. back pocket stitiching or no?

    • back pocket stitching
    • no back pocket stitching

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this is what im set on so far...

redline 15 oz fabric from cone

dior 21 oz cut, slightly modded.

painted green tag

superfuture tag inside (still havent got word from wayne so this isnt 100%)

leather patch with jeans pulling apart a person

blue and black stitching

green pocketbags

green halflined back pockets

not sure about rivets or back pocket stitching yet

still accepting ideas for other details.


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how about something similar to the X or dagger thing on the back of skulls as arcuates

i think thats going to make it to flashy, but thats just my opinion. something simple and distinct should suffice. Maybe something along the lines of using the dior backpocket look but having a line go down the middle of that line to make it look like a +--- instead of a -----. But then again we're alrdy using the 21cm cut...

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ok... so take ur idea, rotate it 45 degrees, and what do u get?

the same thing i was saying... yyaaaaaayyy

o.0 wasn't ur idea with skulls and a cross? anyways my bad on misinterperting your idea. Anyways what i ment was having the horizontal line meet with the side of the backpockets and a vertical line down the middle of that line. Just putting it out then

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put up a poll.

got the patterns but i leave again monday so i cant really do anything with them til i get back. suckssss but its all good i guess. i figure the longer i wait to get a physical product, the more excited ill be from anticipation.

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Hasn't that been covered? I thought Superfuture is a no, but Sufu is fine? I remember ad or someone mentioning it.

I think it was mentioned somewhere that 'sufu' was fine. Not that it really matters. This is come away from the whole sufu thing anyway. Sufu's just a place to post about this jean. I reckon it should be named after Adsurgo. Like Adsurgo's Project Jean, or APJ. Or something with Adsurgo in it, like Adsurdism. Adsurdenim, Adsurgo de Creation et Production (APC) :D .

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