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Grand Theft Auto IV


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Not sure if this was posted on here yet...


Karl Lagerfeld has been up to some crazy stuff since taking the helm of Chanel, jumping head first into more arts initiatives and marketing campaigns than we can keep track of. We’ve reported on some of them, such as the microsite where you can tour Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment, the documentary film following the designer’s every move, and the collaboration with Zaha Hadid on a mobile art museum. But for new media marketing folk and video game fans who don’t really follow the fashion industry, today’s Lagerfeld news might be the most interesting. It’s just been announced that the designer will be playing a role in the newest installment of Grand Theft Auto, where he’ll DJ on air at the game’s K109 The Studio station. Rockstar Games has produced an animation of Lagerfeld (above), and players will be able to listen to him spin as they play the game.


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can you change clothes like in san andreas? if so, our gang will wear the tightest pants

4 sho and I am bored right now so we might as well list our gamertags. My name on live is Really Doe so hit cha boy up!

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With this, GT5:P and MGS4 all coming out within two months of each other, I think it's finally time I cave and get a PS3.

I have a feeling the 360 version will allow greater multi-player and customization options, but since there aren't any other games I'm really, really itching to play on there, it doesn't make sense to buy it.

Sufu gang? Hell yes.

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jesus fucking christ

i need a ps3

the only problem is that there are no other games worth playing

and i hate metal gear solid

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Well the games already out for Xbox 360. It's up on Pirate Bay. I played a little of it at a friend's house. It's fucking insane even though its a little glitchy ie. low frame rate, textures taking a little to load.

But dont download it unless you've hacked your Xbox.

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so yo i got it (first)

played it n shyt.

pretty fun yeah

first thing i did was car jack this one bitch, joy ride abit and then broke into a hummer and copped that.

went looking for hookers and I couldnt find any, havn't played the story yet past the introduction, will update players

oh and by the way, if anyone wants to make a vulgar and ruthless PS3 gang let me know

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i got it too, so much fun just fucking around and stuff. insane attention to detail, like how the people in the car move around during collisions, you can hear the radio when youre near a car, etc. little things like that make it so good

i spent a good chunk of time just crashing head first into freeway barriers to launch myself thru the windshield :P

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