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Grand Theft Auto IV


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construction site, saving roman and the mission with packie and his bros were the hardest for me. strip club was cake. knife and a shotgun took care of it quick. if you don't have a knife, you can probably disarm the manager when he whips out the gun (LB i think), then kick his ass with the bat.

i spent about 15 minutes today picking up bricks and throwing 'em at people infront of the strip club. maybe i'm just high but that shit was too funny.

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havent even really started trying to find cars for stevie and brucie as well as trying to win races for brucie....and then everyone wants to hang out and when i dont they get mad.......:(

My freeloading "friends" on GTA4 are always clamoring for me to take them out in my Ferrari. After I finish a couple of missions, I usually have to spend a day or two settling everyone down:(

A good trick to avoid having them dislike you is to accept their invitations when they call, and then call them back to cancel. They seem to take that better.

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Dis ain't a supervinyl, just my GTA IV dvd :D ! My mom fumbled on my xbox and I heard this strange noise... I'll have to go the store tomorrow and act like if it happened while playing and that I heard people over the internet having the same issue.

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