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Movies that Make You Tear Up


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New Age Sensitive Guy Time! According to this survey, movies likely to make men cry were:

Shawshank Redemption

Field of Dreams

Saving Private Ryan




any story about boys and their dogs


What movies make SuFu-ers shed that rare tear or two?

Mine would be the classic story of a boy and his intimidating but lovable intergalactic robot, The Iron Giant.


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I'm tempted to say something stupid like "Battle Royale'' but the only movie I can remember welling up about was " Dead poets society" when I was a kid.

OH. And a Kiwi (?) movie called "Storm Boy" about a little kid who rescues and befriends a stork which gets shot by a hunter right at the end of the movie as he's letting it go free, but that was the seventies and I was emotionally underdeveloped.

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I agree with Grave of the Fireflies.

How about Schindler''s List?

Some Asian melodramas come to mind also, but can't think of any particular titles at the moment.

There was a Korean film called Marathon about a retarded guy who could run a lot. When I first started to watch it I thought it was pretty overdone, but by the end I was cheering for Cho-Won with tears running down my face.

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MY SASSY GIRL (that damn theme song fits well with the movie lol)

THE NOTEBOOK (that part at the end when she remembers again and they start dancing then her alzheimers comes back...damn the whole theater gasped in shock and everyone was cryin!)


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