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Movies that Make You Tear Up


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dancer in the dark



ohh man... when i saw this thread failan was the first one that popped into my mind. i'm not usually much of a sook when it comes to movies, but that had me welling up towards the end...

had forgotten about dancer in the dark but agree on that one too.

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After tonight, I am going to add Mira Nair's The Namesake. It was subtle but stirring. Despite the deep cultural background it's steeped in, the interpretations of marriage, family, and love felt very universal, very relatable.

Also, Kal Penn is a good actor.

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Actually I looked it up and it was Flight 93. It was the made for tv version. I got it at at the video store thinking it was the one released in theatres. Either way, it had me balling and in a rage, so much so that I didn't sleep that night.

you really owe it yourself to watch the other one.

oh and meet the robinsons.

very touching. (especially if you have kids)

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