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your supershopping list. what you are currently hunting for?


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I actually perpetually keep a text file open on my desktop with things that I plan on buying in the future.


1. Samurai Jeans belt


2. Visvim (tiger camo?) FBT




And I also keep hunting for the perfect t-shirt. Needs to come in black, white, and possibly hunter green, have a fairly wide collar, be long and slim but not TOO long and slim, and have a pocket. Oh, and not be ridiculously expensive. Hmmph.

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Visvim-Kiefer All White

Visvim- Ballistic Elk Back Pack

APC- Braided Cotton Belt

APC x Nike- Black Sneakers

Undercover x Vandalize- Graphic Face Tee

Undercover Zamiang- Black Denim White Stiching

Supreme- James Brown Tee

Head Porter x Burton- Day Hiker Back Pack Olive

Still searching for those that aren't underlined. And to add to the list:

Supreme- Orange Box Tee

Neighborhood- St. Mary Jacket

Church's- Black Wallet

Visvim- G Line Alpine

PAM- Sky Records Tee

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Trousers - the same brand, same perfect fit, just different colors. Cream, Black, Grey.

Lots of AA Basic Blank Tees

Uniqlo collab shirts

the perfect slim dress shirt a la dior homme (maybe custom made)

MJ for Vans Grey Prison Issues

A Camel colored Leather backpack that I can wear off and use for years

a Kick ass bicycle (I want the frame to be all chrome nice and shiny)

An awesome keychain

Money Clip

Boots (brown and black)

Dress shoes

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i dont remember if i already did this so what the hell:

A mini or 1 hose hookah

black skinny jeans (i think im getting CMs)

Skull xx5010 6x6

Uniqlo Trench

swim trunks and american apparel swim mini shorts

a bunch of aa tshirts


sony ericsson w810i

airsoft gun

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-Wonderwave fleshlight

-Super ribbed fleshlight

-Super tight flehslight


-visvim x fragment x clot fleshlight with visvim tissues

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