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your supershopping list. what you are currently hunting for?


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im looking for an eg hoody and a nice pair of shoes i can wear with my 45 rpms which are about to be shipped. the shoes will be easy to find, too bad its impossible to find eg anywhere in van...

If you find anywhere that carries EG let me know. Who did you get the 45rpms from/through?

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- balenciaga 'weekender' duffel

- carpe diem crushed leather shirt

- dior homme 'votc' one button peak lapel blazer (in charcoal)

- dior homme 'strip' bleu clair jeans unwaxed

- idiom grayscale series polkadot jacket

- louis vuitton derby lace ups

- rick owens leather riders jacket

- supreme x nike sb blazer (in black/grey)

once i've secured a part-time job, it'll be all mine... though the supreme x nike sb blazer is a hard find, especially in my size.

A part time job as what? A CEO?

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Visvim-Kiefer All White

Visvim- Ballistic Elk Back Pack

APC- Braided Cotton Belt

APC x Nike- Black Sneakers

Undercover x Vandalize- Graphic Face Tee

Undercover Zamiang- Black Denim White Stiching

Supreme- James Brown Tee

Head Porter x Burton- Day Hiker Back Pack Olive

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here is what i am hunting for in no paticular order, just as i find it or come across it. If anyone knows a spot to buy or find these let each other know.

1. Red Moon wallet

2. some good quality sunglasses (dont know exactly what yet)

3. A good quality watch (dont know exactly what yet)

4. A plain old steal or metal keychain bottle opener (anyone know where to get one?)

5. a pair of some nice black boots

6. alden wingtips (black) (just gotta make another S.F. trip for this)

7. maybe a pair of alden boots black (just gotta make another S.F. trip for this)

8. A nice thick quality biker wallet chain.

I bought a car today, a 2 door honda accord midnight black so thats one thing off the list.

as i discover more things i might need i'll add to the list.

my list has been revised......

1. Red Moon Wallet (hopefully i can get a japan order)

2. Samurai Belts (hopefully i can get a japan order)

3. Sugar cane belt (hopefully i can get a japan order)

4. Black Military style boots. (dont know yet but 1st choice would be number (n)ine size 10.5)

5. a nice metal keychain bottle openner with no logos preferably (still lookin)

anything else from the previous list is on my "ghost list" until i fill these 5 orders as they are found. Too much shit i want not enough money, too much to think about.

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visvim 7 hole tan suede round toes (MMJs an option)

vans syndicate half cab white, sz 11

new ipod case (not porter coz porter ipod cases suck)

porter tanker pen case

porter tanker toiletries case

porter x wtaps cargo CD player case

porter x wtaps cargo phone case

porter x wtaps cargo misc pouches

stainless rolex submariner date

supreme 07 XXL box tees in white, grey and black

supreme 07 XL constructed tees

supreme 07 golden tiger camo shorts

black or blue shorts

thin hermes leather bracelet

goros starter kit

damage jeans

new frames and prescription

new presription lenses for my sunglasses

wtaps 06 Goretex Crossbones poncho

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A part time job as what? A CEO?

with a part time job i have an excuse to spend money on things. without a job i try to be frugal.

added items:

- acronym gt-j9ts hardshell jacket

- gucci frayed mocassin sneakers

- pure blue japan xx-005 jeans

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i am gonna be completely vague cause i dont even know exactly where to start but i want a new watch, some sunglasses, some regular glasses, a new pair of white tennis shoes, and a plane ticket to buenos aires with a return stop in guadalajara.

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new chucks, in some earthy color *purchased

military styled cargo pants, something like m-51s. (please give me some tips..) *purchased

Birkenstock Ramses *purchased

a good quality grey crew neck sweater (harder to find than one might imagine)

Vintage work pants, something in canvas/duck. (seems impossible!)

Some new jeans, like 501 37s or Lee 101 28 would be great, but probably won´t happen. (kinda purchased, got the Cheap monday cowboys,.. will save for the 101 28s)

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White canvas chucks

Basic tops - vnecks

Generic silver necklace

White / Grey / Light blue ss shirt

Grey / green linen pants

Grey slacks

White generic belt

Refugee stripe polo

Bespoke military-inspired shirt

Dior Homme blue whiskered denim

Number (N)ine dirty blue denim

Lee coated denim

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List isn't so much about hunting, but more about hustling for the money in order to acquire such shit...

Acronym GT-J13 coat... (black, sz. L) --> Soon enough, but I want it now.

Acronym GT-J5A jacket... (black, sz. M)

Carpe Diem 5- or 6-hole boots... (black, sz. 43/44 depending on toe shape)

Eagle Industries Becker Patrol Pack Large... (black)

Nike Footscape Woven... (black/white, sz. 11) --> Wishful thinking would be the first pair of HTM's.

Propper International, Inc. BDU trousers... (camo, sz. S) --> Need a new pair of BDU's to cut into shorts.

Supreme box logo hoodies, pre '06... (red and black, sz. L)

Uniqlo plain tees... (white and black, sz. M) --> Already have some, but I need a shit-ton more.

Visvim FBT Ancestor... (black, sz. 11)

Visvim x AFFA Serra Hiker... (black, sz. 11)

W)taps Jungle Stock trousers... (khaki, sz. M)

W)taps waffle sweaters... (black, olive drab, and brown; sz. L)

... probably forgetting a fuckload more...

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