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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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Re: christos--Something off about the desert boots, they look extra awk there. Too gappy around the ankle. The looseness there combined with the tightness of the pinrolls/pants in general is weird. Are those Uniqlo vintage chinos? I used to love them and have maybe 4 pairs but now I feel like they never look quite right. Think the whole thing would look better with taller boots

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Hey guys, thx for all the <3!

Gotta say I really like Christo's fit. Perhaps it's just the brightness of the socks that's off to some?

Also, Mapclub's fit is really on point

A bunch of you asked about my sweater, so I figured I'd post up some info. I spotted it on some blog last year, and found it on-line in the US - pretty reasonably priced too. The manufacturer is called Eribé, and their stockists seem to be very limited. Which is a shame cuz they have a ton of sexy fair isle.


The only place I could find that still has them online is here:


I just dropped a line to Eribé to see if they'd ship directly....

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thanks a bunch for all the kind words n rep n stuff lately!!

recycled fit again

click for alt close up


stussy deluxe hat

thirfted scarf

wtaps jacket

stussy deluxe shirt

wtaps pants

new balance shoes

nike backpack

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