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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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Guest jmatsu
nah cause i aint like the others here on sufu

i don't get how someone could b a poser as far as denim is concerned.

i don't quite understand, but i don't think you r a denim-poseur.

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Pictures from the last month and a half or so, all spread out.


what I looked like for like a week when it was cold and wet and rainy


less cold, but still rainy. now with facial hair.


warmed up. smoke bowls.


right before last class before spring break. with a shaved face.

waist level shots are not flattering, but whatever.

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^they are. you cant see but mah sockies are showin'

shit looks pretty cool. prefer that u lose the beanie.
j, its chilly out mah dood

what do u smoke?

fools like you on the basketball court.

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