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Visvim F/W/S 2006-2007


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Don't be a selfish jerk..........tell us where you got them!

Haha, just got them through Juno for a pretty good deal. Couldn't wait any longer for them to hit the States. I'll probably do the same with the Polkes except through 2000db. Here are some (shitty) pics of my Fangs, although they don't do the shoes justice...





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Lance - Nice Fangs man....thanks for the info.

Not really. I think they are quite compeititive in terms of pricing. Certainly a good price point compared to other companies who are at the same level of quality and detail. Also, you would expect to pay a little more for brands like these compared to the same piece from a mid-market label.

Word. The shoes are excellent prices for the quality you get. Visvim clothes, however, don't appeal to me all that much; Even if it is well-constructed, at t-shirt is a t-shirt and shouldn't be $120. I think the clothes are a little overpriced; I love em' anyways.

Then again, I wouldn't drop the cash on a Loopwheeler hoodie or some exclusive Japanese selvage either......I do blow my wad on Borrelli shirts though..... :(

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i think visvim's clothing is grossly overpriced also. even the shirts that used that special sea island whatever cotton weren't anything special.

That's what I thought.

The denim and sweatshirts are top notch.... really great fit for me.

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