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Looking for a bench for a studio apartment, something to replace my current 3'x15"15" jammy.

The 3' thing is really fucking with me - plenty in the 4' range, but the space won't allow sooooo...

Anyone have a favorite stubby bench? I live in a land of bentwood and fiberglass, if ya catch my drift.

All help appreciated!

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kvc06's place is ridiculous, it's like DWR meets 30 square feet. young bro's place is the best I've seen, I love that style of living, but unfortunately you have to live in the west to get parquet and plaster like that. always look beautiful with art deco'ish stuff like the USM though. I am trying snag a Haller 2 x 3 for my shoes and then I will get some pics of my loft up.

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All y'all designy fancy lads got any good ways of storing 7" records that doesn't involve boxes and looks good. Nontraditional is fine, space saving a plus. I'm not stoked on not being able to see my records and thus have only really been playing LPs lately.

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