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  1. Hit up Altena on Mission/22nd this time around. Def not as good as El Farolito. But still >>>> anything in NYC. Highlight of this trip was definitely bumping into Riff Raff in the elevator at the Clift. I was shocked at how Riff Raff-y he really is in person.
  2. Was in SF this past week for work. First time out there in almost 10 years. Finally got around to trying a real mission burrito at El Farolito and life won't be the same. Can't wait to get back next week. Any other burrito spots I should try to mix it up?
  3. I spent a few weeks in Big Island and Kauai last year. I don't have any shopping tips, but I can share some good activities/food spots if you're still building an itinerary.
  4. I managed to score good rates at the Clift Hotel and Galleria Park hotel. It's a wash either way. Which hotel is the winner?
  5. AQ looks awesome - thank you
  6. Going to SF in October for 3 nights with the wife as part of a cali coast trip for our anniversary. Looking for a mix of institutional and new things to check out - bars, coffee, restaurants (would love to find a can't miss kinda place for a dinner or two - doesn't need to be 3 mich star or anything nuts), points of interest, cool stores to check out, etc. Any tips would be appreciated.
  7. Bill Clinton's candy bar of choice.
  8. was he stylin?
  9. python ruby nginx chef memcached mongodb mysql social media
  10. Rocked the olive wet weather parka tonight and some cute hispanic girl complimented me on it. She asked who made it, told her Supreme and she asked what season.
  11. I was having this same discussion about food replacing art with some friends a few months ago and ultimately I think the popularity is driven by internet augmentation. You can hear any song, see any painting, watch any movie, talk to any person, and obviously so much more over the internet. Food is the one thing that can't be replaced by an app. It's one of the few unique, in the flesh experiences you can have nowadays (at least for regional/one off restaurants). And for every instagram pic, foursquare check in, raving blog post, etc, demand for these experiences is exacerbated. It's a self fulfilling virtuous cycle that I think will continue for many years.
  12. LOL @ $500 for a used hoodie
  13. Need that fucking duffle. Sheeeit.
  14. Anyone actually running in these flyknits and innevas? I heard the flyknits tear up like tin foil once you get enough miles on them.
  15. ^^Typical drop. All the camo stuff sold out.