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Thanks for that! he doesn't sound any more dickish than every other artist/designer. Was expecting him to be on the level of Jobs when bringing up attitudes but maybe the people around him played that down other than a few extreme moments. only speaking of his charimsa. Am truly happy that they bought up that infamous Lounge Chair reveal interview. always felt like the host was delivering strong vibes of backhanded (demarginalizing her role) compliments to Ray.

Sad how the furniture was made as so to be affordable, in a way, but now feels like such a high expense.

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yea, that's actually what I've been doing but I can't seem to get a response either way.. I'll try and take a pic just for fun because it is cool to see a whole eames classroom..

Here's a vintage pic online i found of one of our lecture centers:


and I just got a good deal on this:


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had this side board i got at a garage sale for 30$ and went to ikea to buy some legs that would normally go on the karlstad couch which was like 20 bucks or so, just drilled some holes and this is what i got. not bad eh? the lines match pretty good. this is just going into my shitty workshop room to get beat upon.


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Hey guys, I'm looking to build a floor to ceiling bookcase unit for my new apartment. I'm hoping to try a more traditional shape for the shelving units because I find the cube bookcases that have become popular (and are what mostly seem to be available at cheap furniture stores) are pretty nonfunctional if you are someone who is always taking books down and moving things around. I would place my skill at these types of projects as above danger-to-others but still below danger-to-myself. If any of you have sites or video series you find particularly helpful when educating yourself about a new type of project, I'd be much obliged.

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Picked these up for about 1/5 their value yesterday. Three of the best colors. There was a fourth but the couple who was selling them to me had a little son who was very emotionally attached to the "yellow chair." I couldn't take it from him so I left it.

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