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  1. ejL.kickS

    Apple iPad

    What are some of the best apps you guys recommend? Just got a new iPad
  2. ejL.kickS

    Undercover x Uniqlo

    heard that the new UU line quality isn't too great, can anyone confirm on this before I possibly order some stuff?
  3. ejL.kickS

    supreme 2012 s/s

    10 year anny with those ugly supreme re-hashes.... the new clarks are pretty nice though, picked up a beige pair today
  4. ejL.kickS

    1st World Problems

    Someone didn't refill the Brita filter, so now I have to wait 30 seconds for water.
  5. ejL.kickS

    Best/Favorite tech blogs?

    thanks for the suggestions! It seems as if a lot of these tech blogs are going down hill these days trying to accommodate a larger audience
  6. ejL.kickS

    superfuture skiing/snowboarding club

    Anyone been to Big Bear the past weekend or planning on going this week? Going up for the holiday weekend but a big weary of the current conditions
  7. ejL.kickS

    superfuture skiing/snowboarding club

    nice bindings! I love snowboarding but, not too familiar on the topic of boards being delaminated. what's so bad about it? I know the ice/snow will keep slipping inside making it worse but besides that
  8. ejL.kickS

    Recent Purchases. . .

    Finally, waited way too long for this one. So happy
  9. +rep for the title. that phrase/line takes me back....damn
  10. ejL.kickS

    Recent Purchases. . .

    hows aesop compared to khiels and lab series products?
  11. ejL.kickS

    Best/Favorite tech blogs?

    what are some of your favorite tech blogs/sites that cover the tech industry while also covering gadgets and etc. (mobile devices, tablets, pc/mac, business news. mergers&acquisitions)? lately, all of my tech blogs/sites have gone down the drain and are no longer really informative. help me out sufu!
  12. ejL.kickS

    worst (sufu) waywt fits

    Woops, I mean fairfax
  13. ejL.kickS

    worst (sufu) waywt fits

    Have you been to the OddFuture pop up shop on La Brea where Huf used to be? Place is GOD AWFUL.
  14. ejL.kickS

    Gaming Headsets

    Steelseries and sennheisers are def the best in the market in my opinion