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Tweedles: There is a buckle on the cinch of the jeans. On mine, I have just tied the extra length of cinch around the buckle so it doesn't hang, and so the buckle doesnt scratch stuff I sit on.

Beatle: Heres a quick shot; taken in the shade so the color isn't that great. The jeans have a pretty even layer of filth on them at the moment. I hoping when they get washed all the brown turns to pretty white and light indigo

Note: On mine I elected to take out the whipstitching at the leg for added length once they were washed. I'm just a hair taller than Chrisophe.....


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the biggest difference I think is in our height. If you look at how his are cuffed, they about approx 4-5inches shorter than mine. I think the shorter legs makes the jean look boxier when not being worn. In person his are only slightly baggier than mine I'd say

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^note that these pics I posted are of Christophe his own pair that started out raw and have about a year of work in them. I also still find that hardwashed pair awfull but I thought these overalls deserved better so the thread got hijacked.

Bill, is it maybe an idea to crosspost your post on these in the Sugarcane thread in here?

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^note that these pics I posted are of Christophe his own pair that started out raw and have about a year of work in them. I also still find that hardwashed pair awfull but I thought these overalls deserved better so the thread got hijacked.

Bill, is it maybe an idea to crosspost your post on these in the Sugarcane thread in here?

I'm gonna give them another month or so of good abuse before I do more thorough posting of them. They're just starting to break alittle and I want to have wear worth reporting when I take out the ol' digicam

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those look incredible, they are making me feel nostalgic. that leather patch reminds me of how my dads jeans looked when i was a kid, all worn in with his leather tool belt, the belt and patch are of a similar color.

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I will try to answer some questions regarding sizes, colour etc..

Mister Freedom® only carries RAW (unwashed) issues of the trousers.

I am attaching a photo with measurements of a RAW pair, waist 32. That is the size i am wearing (i am 5'8'' and about 150 Lbs). They shrunk a little bit after initial wash and dryer, but seemed to give back after wearing them. They look a little baggy on me after I wear them on for a while, but of course tighter when just out of the dryer. The cut is fuller than Levis' 501, so a w32 MFSC will look fuller than a w32 Levis' 501.

I will measure my used pair soon to get an idea of what the measurements are after wash/dry and wear.


Here are measurements for a waist 34 (unwashed):

Waist: 35''

Inseam: 35''

Thigh width: 13.5''

bottom width: 9.3/4''

Here are measurements for a waist 36 (unwashed):

Waist: 37''

Inseam: 35''

Thigh width: 13.5''

bottom width: 10''

We didn't manufacture waist 33, so only available are 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, and 38.

The cuff inside allows an extra 3'' of length, when unstitched.

The jeans I have at the store (48 pairs to start with) are RAW (never washed).

The rest of the production for Japan (602 pairs, - 5 pairs that remained unwashed) went to a wash facility to get treated as "one wash" or "hard wash".

The fabric combination (edo/okinawa/hawai) was the same for the 650 pairs. As in all die bath, the dye shade is different depending on time frame so one roll of denim would have a different colour at the begining and at the end. It is not possible for a dye house to control that is hand-made batches.

Since i had the 650 pairs at the store for the stenciling, i got to pick which pair i kept for Mister Freedom®, and i tendend to choose jeans that didn't have that much difference in hue.


The photos posted on my website www.misterfreedom.com are taken (mea culpa, didn't have the time to shoot something that looked pro) from the Sugar Cane site. They put that add photo up when they received the jeans.

The photos of my own pair show a different combo of fabric (one of the early samples) and as you can see, it all kinda blends in somehow at the end. What stays obvious, after wearing them for a while, is the direction of the weave (the knee patch and the 3 pockets go horizontal, and the legs go vertical)

Again, that leather cargo pocket on my pair is not an option and won't come with the original trousers.

As far as that tasteless "hard wash" issue, it is ONLY available in Japan, and hopefully stay there! It was a shame to wash out that beautiful indigo, especially knowing how poluting that treatment is for our rivers...

I hope this answers some of your questions. Thank you again,

Christophe Loiron, MISTER FREEDOM®

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Wow are you saying that out of the 650 pairs 602 where washed???

That must'be been a bit difficult to hear after you've put all that hard work in them no?

ps. seems like you clicked the thumbnail option at imageshack. Try to upload the pictures again and then tick the option "resize image" and choose "640x480 for message boards" and then after the image uploaded choose the "hotlink for forums (1)" option (untick the "include details" box if you want) and just copy paste that link in here. That way your pics will be the correct size for here.

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Thanks Cotton Duck!

Tried 4 times to repost the right size photos but no luck! Won't change my day job to HTML editor that's for sure...

Also, i am not sure exactly how many pairs out of the 602 got "raped" by that treatment (I lost SC email with all exact counts when my PC crashed), but i seem to remember that it was about 50/50 (one wash/hard wash). I was so saddened that Japan customers chose the hard wash, knowing that they started being such experts at the personal natural "hige". Times are-a-changing, i guess!

I have yet to see one pair of hard wash for real (and not in magazines) and i am hoping that the real thing doesn't look that bad. Japanese customers who are buying them are surely familiar with vintage clothing and wouldn't buy something that "un-natural", I think.

I still can't convince myself that Sugar Cane team would make that much of a taste mistake.

I am going to Japan in 2 weeks, so i will check things out there.


Christophe Loiron MISTER FREEDOM®

PS: Indeed those trousers were not designed for everyone's taste, and i understand that they won't float everyone's boat. Personally, they are just good enough for me to wear everyday and to feel good in them.

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Wait, I'm confused now, did you end up getting the raw version?

Please say that's the case 'cause I seriously don't hope that you think you can get that kind of wear on the hard washed ones.

I bought the washed version. Do you think they won't wear well over the next 6 to 12 months? I want to make them look well lived in and rough up like those other images.

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Did you get the one-wash or the hardwashed ones you started this thread with?

I haven't seen them but I'm guessing the one-wash is nothing different from regular one- wash. They've just already shrunk them up so the customer doesn't have to take shrinkage into account. Some people prefer that.

If you got the hard washed ones then I'm sorry to tell you but they will never look anything near the ones pictured above.

The hard washed version looks like there is hardly any indgo left to work with to make them your own. At best the wear on them will look a little less artificial over time and blend in with whatever wear you manage to get on them. It's going to be hard work though.

Christophe his trousers look the way they look because the have been lived and worked in for over a year. It's near impossible to fake that kind of wear.

Anyway, wichever pair you got post up some pics of yours.

Good to see them on someone and not in a studio/photochopped pic.

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Cross Posted from the Sugar Cane thread, since we have a dedicated thread now:

Ok, as promised here are a bunch of pics of the Mister Freedom's. These jeans have a ton of amazing design details so bare with me, there are a lot of pics.


The waist band is hand stenciled by Christophe himself. He did about 600 pair...by hand. Crazy


The pockets and other points of stress have crazy reinforcing stitching in olive green and then riveted. Come to think of it, all the stitching is olive.



Selvage edo ai knee patch. The first time I've seen the Edo denim in person. Beautiful green color. The strap part of the buckle back (as in not the part into which the buckle is sewn) is also Edo Ai, as is the inside layer of the button fly.

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