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Bill, you know what I'm thinking?

Mister Freedom, host an L.A. SUPERFUTURE PARTY! I loved your old store when I visited last year and now that you have a larger store, why don't you celebrate? ^_^

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I don't have access to a scanner, but in a nutshell they're a vintage cut with bucklback. They're cut pretty slim and straight as hell. There's some screen printing on the inside (which I'm not really down with) but the denim itself is an odd type of blue... Not at all DS but more of dark resin wash. Off center button fly... the straps for the buckleback are made from shirt material, if I remember correctly. There are a few patches on the thighs, I think. I'll have to take another look at the mag when I get home.

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As far as I know Mister Freedom is the only store stateside that got their jean, and they got only the raw's. Those hardwash are......um.....interesting I suppose. Haven't seen them outside of Hinoya.

Edit: And Holy Crap! Togged is selling those for a fortune! They are just under $400 at Mister Freedom...the raw ones that is.

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the hardwash model might be a bit iffy (to say the least)

but in raw these are really good to look at.

I'm not really crazy about them in the raw version either...looks like someone made a patchwork quilt out of old jeans.

Either way..if you like em bud...I hope you find a pair!

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^Faulty logic!

You should like something because you like it.

Not because someone else likes it, or hates it for that matter.

edit: add to that, that I think fucking up those awesome jeans defies the whole thing they are about and someone at Sugarcane seriously needs to get a thumb cut off for doing it. But I guess saying that to you doesn't matter anyway.

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You make a fair point and it has some true. That said, if we're all really honest deep down what other people think does have an impact on who we are and how we act. I like the the look of the jeans and the fact that a lot of others don't just cements my opinion. I order them yesterday and I'll put up a photo when they arrive. Assumming they fit. That's why I prefer to buy from shops!

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I hot soaked them quickly at first and wore them in the sun to dry....this took up about 70% of the shrinking. About a month later they got a Doc Bronners wash and a tumble dry which shrunk them up quite a bit more and did a better job getting the starch out. Most notable shrinkage was in length and in the height of the rise

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Hail to all Denim Heads! (Cheers Bill...)

First, a little background on the "wash story".

When I was designing the "MFSC 7161 Utility trousers", i expressively insisted on wanting them available RAW (for Japan & US). Being totally anti-washes, as good as they can get (Sights who washes RRL stuff is actually brilliant), I even wrote a whole intro letter for the jeans for Japan, mentionning that.

Well, good try. Lost in translation or not, after showing the 7161 in Trade Shows (Osaka and Tokyo) Tom Tanaka (US sales from Sugar Cane) deeply apologized and explained that 95% of their customers had bought the washed and hard washed version. He kindly told me that if I wanted to cancel the whole project, it was possible...Man, after all this work!

My bad for allowing the 7161 to get sent to a hard wash facility in Japan (i hate the result too, especially on that retouched by that photoshop mouse-happy graphic dude!).

I made a limited edition of 650 pairs here in LA, and 48 pairs (of course raw) stayed at the MISTER FREEDOM® store. Bill got one of them and they are not sold anywhere else in the US (the buyers from Togged probably bought theirs almost full retail price in Japan!)

Japan sales are very good according to Tom but we won't manufacture anymore of the same model because that would defeat the purpose of a limited edition.

I am currently working on a new collaboration project MISTER FREEDOM® x Sugar Cane: a made in USA line of work wear including chambray shirt, denim shirt, chino pants, railroad jacket and denim bag. Coming along, it should be good!

I have photos of my own 7161, after a year+ of abuse on myspace.com/misterfreedom_hollywood . They are one of the early samples (10 made) but very similar to what came out of production. (note that, on that pair, I added an old leather side pocket, a while back, to stick extra stuff in).

I will try to post photos on supertalk as well.

Thanks all of you for your interest,

Christophe Loiron



PS: Thank you "Greedywaif" for your support! The denim fabric is 14.5 ounces, that's why they feel SO heavy and hard when raw. They break after a while but still feel heavier than the usual 12 oz...The denim is also made of 50% cotton and 50% sugarcane fiber, so has more of a hemp/linen/cotton mix feel (typical of very early rough textiles). Believe me, they will look amazing if you work them right.

Sorry for the looooong post!

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  • superfuture changed the title to MISTER FREEDOM

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