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Hello - I have a larger personal collection of vintage workwear.  Lee Hair-on-hide, a pair of 1947 Wranglers, Stifel wabash chore jacket and matching overalls, are some of the collection's highlights.  Most are larger size as they had to fit me (of course) - I am a large shirt (US), and most pants are a 32 waist 32 inseam or larger.  Some really great stuff.  Levis jackets from each era, Early Lee and Wrangler jackets. Chore jackets galore.  Racing tees from the 60's.   Boss Of The Road vintage "no belt loop jeans" as well as the same in a Boss of the Road khaki (with wax marks from walking through the mine!).  I just don't wear this anymore.  I live in Los Angeles.  Some of the stuff was even featured in SUPERTALK magazine  a few years back.  The first Levi denim banner as well as another early one.  Too much stuff!  Selling as a collection or in piece. 

if interested

[email protected]


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