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new stereo setup


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which would be a better setup out of the following 3? source will exclusively be a macbook as i've gotten rid of my turntable:

swan m50w
pioneer sp-bs22 with a topping or smsl t-amp
jbl lsr305
my biggest issue with the latter is actually the size and the fact that i'd need two power outlets.
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i have an audioengine A2+ bc im too lazy to set up amps and etc. 


i've gotten more use of my sonos than the A2s though

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i ended up ordering presonus eris 4.5s, but won't receive them 'til mid-august (out of stock). they're half the price of jbls, and seem to have decent enough reviews. i was originally leaning towards the pioneers, but the australian distributor aren't getting more until the end of year.

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