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TCB Happy Jeans contest: final submission thread

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A fitting end. Congratulations, Volvo. This was a true testament to labors of love from the brand to the contest to the pants and on to the contest submissions and results.


Thank you.

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thank you one and all guys! Jared your lovely comment sums it up very well. this contest had been a big celebration of denim love, we managed to pay the due respect to the passion that Inoue and TCB put into making the jeans I think!

almost every single final submission was worthy of a prize, amazing.

I really hope the lads in the OOE contest will make it up to our standards, we set the bar quite high haha! if they'll make the Ooe contest a huge success we will have a revenge with the TCB 20's contest, if they don't we'll just destroy them with another round of Japanese denimology greatness!

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Ladies and gentleman...I want to proudly announce that our friends at TCB and Signet have declared a second prize winner:


......PAUL T!


Sir Paul decided to go with a TCB jacket, which we'll all have the pleasure of seeing his evo/progress on in the next few months. Congratulations to Paul, and thank you again everyone for your participation in what has clearly gone down as one of the best denim contests ever on sufu!

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