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Superswap V8 SPLASH (;


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Would love to see whose in. sweet spot would be anywhere from 20-40 people

PM me with

first name

last name

residence address, with additional mailing address if need be


Optional (but probably best for your swap partner)

top size

bottom size

shoe size


current songs on your playlist

top movies

any food allergies

This would be a really cool way to be able to give someone something from your hometown/city that can't be found elsewhere as easy..challenge would be to assemble the package with the receiver in mind as well

or just a neat way to give and get cool stuff

***the person that sends out the most creatively put together package will get an additional surprise package the person will be selected by peers

you do not have to spend the most $$$ (feel free to if you want)

you should be thoughtful, creative and package should just kick ass

***i will update with more info as interest comes along but if you are in pls PM me with necessary info before Sept 10th 2014 that way I can get everything organized early and get it down before holiday season.

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i'd be down but i'm going to be overseas for all of october, will that be a problem?

nah, if you wanna collect things overseas and can mail when you get back that would work

I wanna grab everyone that's interested before mid September ideally and give about a month to gather and mail out; if some people are later that's fine but ideally everything should be mailed out before end of first week November the latest


Same, but for all of September

if you serious u can do it


Someone plz give me a reminder by 9/10


I put 9/10 but there's a grace period of five days after

shhhhh don't tell anyone




missed opportunity to name the thread superswap V8 SPLASH

♡ (;

slowly but surely getting the list up

will update with participants so far once I'm back frm vaca

thank you everyone that has PMed me so far

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still a few more days before I wrap this up

conqueror, saturdaynight big nukeman, gettoasty & anyone else that wants to participate just shoot me an email with your details.

***gonna wrap this up soon and I'll have everyone's partner info sent by the 15th of September.

Everyone gets a month to grab their stuff together; so you guys can have time to hunt stuff down or put something together..make something cool :)

Sent out dates starts around October 15th and no later then first week of November.





















saturdaynight big nukeman







Thanks everyone!

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in the process of sending everyone their partner info, will either have gotten it, will by tonight, tmr the latest.

reminder***best package sent will get an additional package from me.

voting will be done via peers by rep

will also touch base with everyone in about a month when it's time to ship but will bump this in about two or three weeks as friendly reminder--email for those who request to be reminded that way since they're not on sufu everyday.

Thanks for playing!!

**eta, may want to disable who last visits your page, though it could be a mere coincidence

**if you want to search user content though, you can try on their profile-->select post tab on left-->find content on upper right-->then on left hand side instead of default sort by threads & posts; select sort by posts only

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  • 3 weeks later...


let's not jinx this just yet.

deadline to mail out is by 10/15

anyone that wants to reach out with any concerns or what not please do, I won't bite and will be checking my Pm daily frm here on out

also have started constructing mine to send to best package :)

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To my swap partner: your package might be slightly delayed. I ordered stuff a week ago from overseas and didn't realize I picked a slow shipping method! (It's not by boat thankfully, just snail plane.) I'll keep this post updated if the package actually shows up before the send out deadline. 


Edit: tracking number shows package is stateside, forget about the delay.

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Thank you to everyone's whose reached out to me to let me know if they're gonna be within a few days of the shipping deadline (should go out by the October 15th latest--unless we've talked about it before)

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is going to get and sending something out myself :D

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Also, I probably should have said this earlier, I guess I just took for granted how strict Australian customs is. If you're sending to me, gaspardd, or anyone else in Australia, it is not a good idea to send the following:

  • Wood products (Like carved wood statues or little trinkets)
  • Food & Drink, especially fruit or vegetable based stuff

Sorry for those just finishing up their packages, I admit I should have posted this earlier, but it'd suck if someone didn't receive their package because of how shitty Australian customs is

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