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Superswap V8 SPLASH (;


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Finally got my shit together, and assembled the package. Just a matter of shipping it out now. 


So I also opened up my package from llobey a few days ago. Killed it. 


Lol the chocolate coins completely melted tho, luckily it was all at the botttom.






The jelly willies are very good.

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Just received an awesome package:




Robert Geller Trousers (fits great!)

Demonic Pizza Bandana

W+H Hoodie

Magazines: Tepsi, Sneeze, WP, Comfort, Cereal

Stickers / Trichome Filter Tips

Jalapeno Potato Chips

Magic the Gathering Cards

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Jar of Smoked Chocolate Chips

EYL Leopard Stash Pouch

retaW Fragrance Tablets


Trichome Leather Change Tray

Trichome Lighter, Incense Cones

Blackbird Fragrance


Thanks Bruised!

those are my fav chips in the world, the Fragrance is very special.  33% oil and over 300 ingredients.  super complex.  they also make the incense too.  i really hope the cookie was still good.  I baked it myself and i kinda kick ass at making cookies (chewy with a crunch)

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To my swap partner. I'm a fucking asshole and apologize profusely. In the past couple months I've moved and got into a car accident shortly after and shit where i got a lil fucked up, but that's not an excuse. I've had the box prepared for awhile now, but it's just been in the back of my mind as I'm dealing with physiotherapy and lawyer shit (some fucking asshole ran a red light and t-boned my fiancé and I. He hit us on the passenger side, I was the passenger.)


I'll be sending out something to you very shortly. Once again, my apologies. 

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Crissyw hooked me up. I'll post pics of the goodies when I get back.


Look at all these garms!


Crissyw even sent a sorry for the wait package earlier that consisted of: Ninja Scroll bluray(yass) and Darker than Black S1







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So I wasn't sure who it was from since the name differed, but pretty sure it's from you funkdoobi! haha


Everything is fantastic. Great sticker for the box and the little drawing inside haha

been wanting a bottle opener too lately since my current one is shit.

I gotta apologize about mine too, feel bad about trying some of the chocolate. in the previous swap some dude did the same so i guess it stuck with me. lol






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