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Superswap V8 SPLASH (;


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Well my package arriveded earlier this week and I had to process it.. Now I know where those costs came from..

Deux sent me an enormous package which were kindly catered to my tastes and posts on the boards.

Books on sneakers,movies and art. Soul  and alternative cd’s along with some great movies..Toiletries ( including Deux’s boasted  and indeed delicious Grant’s toothpaste )The package was enormous and so are the contents. Awesome and I am truly grateful for tit. It’s been a couple of days and I am still marveling about it’s contents

Mine is underway now, curious what my reciepent will think of it.


Oh and Whitney , you got Deuxs adress right?/ Cause that marvel package has found it’s reciepent imho..

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Yup aso2004. Copy and pasted so I won't make any typos myself.. Horrible since I have a habit of switching numbers unconsciously like 4589 for 4859.

I'm a bit slow to reply cos my phone is broken, will get it fixed today or at worse, within the week but until then I'm on my tablet.

Keep the pics rolling :)

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I want to preface this and say I had every intentions to take the photos outside where there was more light but after rummaging through TWO of my packages, I thought it'd be safer to unwrap everything in the privacy of my own room. It goes without saying I was like a little boy on Christmas. Everything sent by my Superswap buddy untrue is on point...love it all! 


First package that arrived in brown box



Second package



Opening them up...





I used to play Yu-gi-oh! (will make some nice bookmarks)




Letters (spiders!! ugh)









Cool... :) (Secret stash I keep next to my bed)




I have seen this before and wanted to buy it. Thanks for making my dreams come 'true'. Using it right now. I wonder how it will play while scrimming on CS




I have always wanted to get into more anime. Just never really knew where to begin or where to kop. Thanks you for this set. Will make for some good read / art to look at. 


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This is so great on so many levels. I enjoy the series very much albeit I played up to MGS 2 (?). Always been fascinated by the stories. Seeing this in the package brings back good memories. 




I actually don't think I ever read this...





Always wanted some cool robot figures (my cousins always had them @ their home). Will definitely take one to work and put at my desk. 





I was confused at first (see later)...




USB with PS CS6, movies (I am intrigued by the "KAG" folder), music that I will listen to while commuting/at the gym, and games (been looking for something to play aside from CS). Also in photo is a bullet knife (AWESOME!...will be very useful), and Jordan lacelocks (I may need to pickup a pair of Jordans finally). Ironically, I wanted to send a USB, too with movies and music but got paranoid =\ (next time...) 



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OHHHH... (I thought the black cap was a lens cover or something at first). She comes with a stand.  




#swag stickers (will use Supreme stickers as bookmarks)




"A Way of the Shadows" poster (I might frame this)




Limited edition MUJI 'NY' tote, which will get A LOT of use. Thanks!




Hand warmers to stay toasty  ;)




ISAORA tee. Always wanted to pickup their tees, so, thanks for getting my feet wet. Will wear to the gym & out and about. 







Overall the packages untrue sent are excellent. Although I have some exposure to the "otaku-related hobbies" everything here is foreign enough to really make this experience enjoyable. I felt like untrue put together a little bit of Japan's subculture and sent it my way, which I really appreciate as it is one place I'd like to visit in my lifetime. And FWIW I don't think you're weird, 'untrue'. If anything we have more in common than you think where the only maybe you are probably in it deeper than I am. If I am ever in your neck of the woods, I'd like to hang out and see what seems to be a massive of collection of more cool things. 



(SUFU why you put photo limit per post??)

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great packages so far!

just reminder it's not about the $$ though u can throw it around if you want, but about the thought process behind, so hopefully the month+ allowed ya'all to put good thoughts behind it.

hopefully everyone has shipped or about to, if anything please contact me!

would not like to have anyone left behind (:

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Just received mine, it made my day. (shitty pics, sorry about that, I only have my cellphone to take pictures atm).














So happy with it. I was a bit sad at first when I saw the beanie because they don't usually fit me well but this one perfectly fits for once, it looks dope and I just moved in Chicago so i know I'll use it a lot. The vinyl of Monolithium is also great (A producer from Victoria that I didn't know and who is really really good). Enjoyed a lot the whole package with its different goodies, thank you so much mr.fluffernutter !

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Leave to the dutch post to F**** things up.

When I checked last week the parcel I sent out wasn't moving..

So I called the post.. We don't know or can see what is happening ,you can only start an inquiry after 21 days..

Yesterday out of nowhere the parcel came back.. No letter or explanation on it .. 

I have sent it out again this morning. Now let's see if I can get the money back of the first one..


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^^i was tracking packages sent to my office (I'm at a training site for the month) that I ordered to give to the best swap..

and two is slated to arrive same day..one got delivered and one said that there was no one there, after biz hours BUT they're both usps??? so I dunno how the maillady that always drop off can drop off one and not both but I guess I'll see if that's a misentry for tracking when I pick them up this weekend--

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Just received aso2004's fantastic package




Was going to post the HUGE box as well (shipping must have been a ton, thanks man), but I ripped it apart to get the content, at the pics beforehand had my address  <_<


Ton of great stuff in here: 3 shirts, including a dope NBHD x Stussy tee, a scarf, laptop case, bluetooth speaker, a package of dutch syrup waffles (they're fucking delicious so far), a NBHD necklace, which I'm wearing right now, and a ton of CDS/DVDS/Books! Four Lions is actually one of my favorite recent comedies, so thanks for that, and some of the books are fantastic from looking through, especially the Dutch photography book and the Russian criminal tattoo book


Thanks a ton for the fantastic package man!

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