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best dressed musicians thread, dead or alive.

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the no gainsbourg rule is absurd

posting serge gainsbourg here is like a cheap cry for posi rep.  the mere act lacks integrity.  i liken the act of s.g. posting to random characters posting flyknits in waywt.   will not be tolerated.  my thread, my rules.  thanx

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Pizzicato 5 is dope.




Best shit I've personally known from them was at 7th St Entry years ago.  Nomiya cycled through 10-12 costume changes and it was all great.  I can just imagine her pulling on each new jawns in that fucking horrible room down there, "backstage".  I hope she don't hate this town.


Momus man, wtf.  Last time I saw him he was wearing a long curly wig like the cool dude from Amadeus and ill-fitting clothes in 17th century fashions.  It was outstanding but still was wtf.  He had his girl sing "What Are You Wearing" just like the first post of waywt.

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