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best dressed musicians thread, dead or alive.

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Sorry man, i pulled a ronnel and didn't read the post and went straight for the pictures.


Yeah i remember that, can't really agree but i guess if by seeing just one or two pictures of me i can understand the association (can't really remember what i posted on sufu back then)

yeah.  i already said weller tho.


i think i told u that u look like twins in blonde redhead


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Syd Arthur looking good here. i like how they look like they are decked out in number nine even though they aren't and probably don't give a flying fuck about fashions in the first place.


They make fucking awesome music too, think that helps and i might be a bit biased due to it.

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I wouldn't go there, but i would go for sebastien tellier (when he's not trying to look ridiculous on purpose)


edit1: scratch that, he looks good even when dressed stupid as fuck.

we dont need no pics of gainsbourg, ok?

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