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small questions thread (use before making a new thread!)


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where can i buy leather long wallets for under $100?

talk to Unlucky, he posts a lot in the Leathercrafting PYC thread. he makes really great stuff products and is real easy to work with. i have a long wallet + braid in the mail from him right now, with lots of custom details (specific strap, concho, black leather piece, etc) and the whole thing is costing me $125, shipping included. he's great to work with.


anybody have any idea where i can get a jacket like the one in the picture below?


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Hey guys, I need some suggestions for a pair of brown/dark brown leather boots in the $200 or $300 (at most) price range. Anything cheaper but with good quality would be nice too. Something very similar to these:

To Boot New York - Benton (Tibetan Tmoro)


Or these:

Paul Smith - York Boot


I can't find the Benton's anywhere in my size and the Paul Smith's are a little too much for my budget right now ($550 retail).

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probably a dumb question for anyone who knows anything about raf, but i don't... is it correct that the following were made only one season? anywhere to find them (the white)? (no yoox doesnt have my size)


edit: fuck.. pic isn't working i guess. nevermind.

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i have a question about the oki ni exclusive bernhard willhelm high tops.

are these actually oki ni exclusive, since ive seen them at lane crawford in HK, so why are they listed as exclusive on the oki ni website?

also, what is a good price for these right now?

and when does LC have additional markdowns, since im not sure whether to cop now or wait...

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How strict is Yoox on the 20 day return policy?

Geez, I asked my friend to ship some shoes back and it only took her like 27 days to do it.

Edit: Called them, phone girl said she would send a note to returns department to see if they could make an exception because item was a gift.

Seriously girl, 27 days to ship something? I know you have been busy, but shit, I'm going to be pissed if I'm out 300 because you couldn't be bothered

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