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yeah i didn't get back sorry


@fycus no i am not using an SSD yet


it was the damn cpu overheating. it has been 4 years though. it was like all gone and dry/cracked


re-applied the thermal paste and it booted up just fine. from red lights to no lights. i would have expected green but whatever. aftermarket cpu heatsink would have been next step


no more dram looping and it recognizes all 6gb of ram now so yay   * \ ( ^ á´— ^ ) / *

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Anyone on that Chromebook tip? Looking at picking up a Toshiba Chromebook 2 for that badass full HD IPS display but I'm kinda turned off by the Celeron processor. Will still have my Win7 desktop around for media server and to be able to remote into, so I don't really need a full fledged Windows laptop, especially with that Win8 crap. Will also be dual booting a Linux distro asap, hence the Chromebook appeal

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