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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, I hope this is the proper section to open this discussion in. Sorry in advance if not. ZenMarket has been my Japan proxy service of choice for quite a while now, they're fabulous, but they don't do phone orders - they allow for shopping from online shops proper. However, I have seen many Japanese websites and/or blogs and/or bricks and mortar shops that do advertise their products online but only accept purchases placed by a phone call. The question is: Is there any quality (on par with ZenMarket hopefully), reliable Japan proxy service that supports phone orders? Thanks!
  2. rirawin

    FREE Uniqlo proxy

    10th January 2014 / Service update Since the launch of my proxy service back in May 2012 I have helped many many people. It has been a great 20 months helping you guys out to acquire items from UK web stores that don't ship internationally, for free of charge and at the same time fill up my karma meter. I am glad to see and hear such wonderful feedback during this time and how all of you appreciated my free service. It has come to a point in my life where my personal circumstances have changed. So it is with deep regret that I must inform you all that I can no longer operate my service for free. However, every cloud has a silver lining. I am willing to continue my service as there is clearly a demand for the service I offer. In this "new world" I have proposed to charge a small flat rate fee of £5 per web store order (regardless of the order cost). I feel that this is a nominal amount to pay for a proxy service, where many others would charge you a percentage of the total order (and shipping), 10% or sometimes 15%. I do not wish to violate the forum rules, so if you wish to take up my service and require more details please visit the following website I have now setup: UK Proxy Shopping Service I look forward to continue helping those who need a proxy in the coming future.
  3. I'm looking for a proxy near Kyoto Japan who can pick up a jacket for me from a vintage store. I usually use Sutocorp as my Japan proxy, I have used them many times but this store doesn't have an online ordering system and is pick-up only so I need someone to go in and get it for me. I'll obviously pay a fee for the service If anyone can do this please send me a direct message. Thank you
  4. Calbeee

    Arctery Veilance Factory Proxy

    Hey guys, As some of you guys know, there is an Arcteryx Factory store which carries the Veilance line-up in Vancouver for reduced prices. Someone was doing this before me but it seems he got banned, so I am here offering the service if anyone is interested. I haven't worked out a solid system yet, but I will fine tune it as I go along. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The rate is: 1:1 CDN - USD: 12% Fee + Paypal Invoice fee + 20 USD within the 48 states. Please keep in mind that as much as I love to help, I am making some money from this as there is time and effort put towards doing this. If you do not understand that, you can simply not use my service. The factory store is a 45 minute drive from my house, and the process of having everything organizing and shipping things out takes time too, so please put that into consideration. Everything is shipped out of Vancouver. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROCEDURE. 1: PM me what you want specifically as well as what you are interested in 2: I call the store and check stock 3: Payment through Paypal Invoice so both parties are safe 4: I pick up the items 5: I ship them ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stock List: (As of March 15) [] PANTS & SHORTS [] //Voronoi Pants Black Sz 28 SOLD Sz 28 PENDING Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 33 SOLD Sz 33 SOLD Sz 33 SOLD Sz 33 Sz 33 //Carbon Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 33 Sz 33 Sz 33 //Sand Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 33 *more funky color ways available as well. **there might be more stock of the shown sizes ---------------------------------------------- Cargo LT Shorts //Black Sz 33 SOLD Sz 33 Sz 33 Sz 33 Sz 33 *other colorways available in 33 --------------------------------------------- [] JACKETS [] Patrol IS Jacket $999 //Black Sz XS Sz S Sz S Sz M Sz L Sz XL --------------------------------------------- Anode IS $699 //Black Sz XS Sz XS Sz S Sz M Sz M ------------------------------------------ Field IS $799 //Navy Sz S Sz XL Sz XL *Maroon available as well ------------------------------------------ *There are other items as well, but these are what I figured people would be interested in. Feel free to ask if there is something that you are looking for and I can check it out. [] List updated as of March 15, 2016 []
  5. achK

    *___Paris Proxy___*

    Contact : PM or parisproxy[at]gmail.com http://parisproxy.tumblr.com/ How it works : - Inquire for the product you want to buy, I'll check if it's available. - If the store has it, I send you the first invoice (product price + proxy fees). - I buy the product, I take pictures (item, bill...) and send them to you, as well as the second invoice (shipping + paypal fees). - I ship the product to you. Cost : - Item price + 10% proxy fees (minimum 30€) + shipping fees + paypal fees (4%) - Here is the formula to calculate what you'll pay at the end : ((Price*1,1) + Shipping)*1,04 - I only ship with tracking and declare the value you want (I can send as gift too). Here are the shipping prices : Stores : As you may know, Paris has a lot to offer. L'Eclaireur, Le Bon Marché, Rick Owens, Comme des Garçons, Damir Doma, Dries Van Noten, Margiela, Acne... There is basically everything you'll need. Hope it'll help some of you to get their grails
  6. Special 2014 campaign! SUFU users, who order online items at 8% (as opposed to the usual 10%) Offer valid until September 15th! Enquiries: http://japanbuyingservice.com/ [email protected] ___________________________________________________ The original and best, since 2006, friendliest and most reliable buying service for any of you who want stuff from japan! I can pick up specific items that you want from stores in Tokyo (did i hear someone say vsivim?) or anything that can be ordered online. here are some sites to get you in the mood: www.rakuten.co.jp http://item.rakuten....b/c/0000000113/ http://www.px-megastore.com/ - v.good used clothing store http://www.metalburger.com/ http://zozo.jp www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/hinoya/hinoya.html - for the denim freaks http://shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ http://www.ladmusician.com/top.html I can accept Paypal or bank transfers to my UK HSBC account. My fee will be 8% for online orders and 15% store pick ups Minimum order is 1500 (about $100 / £50) plus recorded express delivery expenses via EMS (about 3/4 days) http://www.post.japa.../intel/ems.html any feedback is greatly appreciated and please feel free to add up some more links to online shops [email protected]
  7. Maguire




    $20 USD discount on all studhomme leathers when ordering through koreaproxy.com services. limited time offer. best bang for the buck leather in the world (proabably)... if you dont already know about studhomme i'm sure you can find some info online but they are certainly of good quality! http://www.koreaproxy.com and use the paypal buttons, discount is already applied. happy copping!
  9. OTL

    FS: Korean Proxy.

    Well, I'm in Korea currently for couple of month with lot of free time. So I figured if somebody needs Korean Proxy I might as well offer them my service. I have done numerous sales from SuFu & Styleforum but haven't posted in either forum for a while. I haven't thought about how much to charge for the service, but if you're interested PM me and I'll get back to you asap. It'll probably be mixture of flat rate and % + pp fee + shipping. Also, if you're *interested* I have a hookup with replica wholesaler (belt, bags watches and etc.) Not the shit quality you see on ebay but legit goods. anyways if you have Q pm me I'll try to answer them as soon as i can. thanks. If i'm breaking any forum rules, please let me know.
  10. Looking to purchase this dress for my lady. Online shopping only available for Spain or Portugal. Hit me up asap: [email protected] http://www.blanco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product2_10151_12551_1036010_-5_256001_254002_254002____imageOnlyCE______B
  11. cleanlines

    Wanted : Hong Kong Proxy

    Looking for a proxy service from Hong Kong if anyone can help.
  12. fashionfood

    Scandinavian proxy-service

    You've got something you want to buy from some swedish/scandinavian brand/website/store and they don't deliver to wherever you live? Well lucky for you, I can proxy pretty much whatever it is you might want to buy to wherever you want me to. I have previously proxied for several members over at styleforum Fees: Items worth 0-200$: 10$ Items worth 200-300$: 20$ Items worth +300$: 30$ (+cost of item and shipping) (+5% if you want to paypal it as "service/product") PM for further details Thanks for looking Too see the feedback I've gotten when proxying for other people, just check the comments on this same ad over at styleforum http://www.styleforu...n-proxy-service
  13. cuejay

    Looking for EU Proxy Buyer

    Looking for a proxy buyer in the European Union, I am in Canada and am looking to get some clothes shipped. PM me for me details. Thanks qj
  14. light1008

    Wanted: Proxy

    I need someone to check the RSVP Gallery website until the Pyrex collection drops, and order me a pair of the black shorts in size medium. I will tip $40. Message me if you can do this.
  15. light1008

    Wanted: UK Proxy

    Must have positive feedback. Message me.
  16. flipx916

    taiwan proxy

    need a proxy service in taiwan. pm me!
  17. Metropolitan

    NYC Uniqlo Proxy Service

    I am legit, i have proxied items to other members on SuFu and I can provide references Other references: Ebay: http://myworld.ebay.com/smelly.feet Solecollector: http://solecollector.com/Sneakers/Member/SmellyFeet/ http://www.uniqlo.com/us/#!men <-- Uniqlo Website - I can go to any of the 3 stores in Manhattan. - My Fee is 15% + shipping costs without a minimum. - If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.
  18. Hey Sufu, Looking to buy a jacket off the Nike Town/Store site but I need an American billing address to make purchases which I don't have. I am in Vancouver and usually ship my stuff to a parcel service in Point Roberts, WA so I will not need you to receive the item and ship it to me. So pretty much I just need someone to buy it and ship it to the parcel service and I will send them funds via paypal. Incentive of $20 for 5 minutes of your time or I can give you a discount on any of the items I have for sale in the link in my signature. If you want to do it for free I'm cool with that too! Cheers, Justin
  19. unfuccwittable

    I'm in need of a Swiss Proxy

    SuFu, I wish to acquire some items only (readily) available in Switzerland. Nothing illegal, of course. The site I wish to acquire the items from doesn't ship internationally, which is why I would need a Swiss proxy to ship to me in the US. You will be compensated for your time. Cheers.
  20. Hi SuFu, I need a proxy in the UK post haste. Message me, I'll give a nice cut!
  21. Please drop me a pm if you can help me out . Hoping for someone who has done this before and has some references. Holla!!
  22. Is anybody offering this service? Please PM me.