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  1. Calbeee


    Appreciate the feedback. Don’t think the zipper would be too big of a concern for me. My j28 Is an S, so I’m hoping the M in the J50 won’t have that snug fit I’m worried about
  2. Calbeee


    Hate to be that guy, but does anyone have fit pics with the J50S? Been searching and only seem to be able to find stock pictures, and just a few other pics. I was hugely considering the J78ws, but opportunity arose to buy a J50S for less than half the price of the 78. Just not 100% yet as it the pictures I have seen look a bit more fitted than I prefer. I would like to wear this as a stand-alone, as well as a possible liner inside my J28. Never owned stotz so don’t know what that’s like as welll
  3. Calbeee


    How is the warmth of the J78WS? Been wanting a liner that I like standalone, as well as to wear inside my J28. I live in Vancouver so its not extremely cold.. but not LA weather either
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