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  1. Calbeee

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    anyone selling any of the LF-1 in a sz7 ?
  2. Calbeee


    Thats what i was thinking as well. I do like the design more and i feel i would get more wear out of it even as a standalone piece. How isit for warmth though, isit comparable to the J58? i heard the J58 is beast for warmth.
  3. Calbeee


    hey guys, Just bought my first acronym shell, a J28. I was wondering what you guys recommend as liners/what to wear under to keep warm. As much as I like the J58, it is alot of money since i already bought the J28. How does the J50-ws compare? Any other suggestions would be great as well !
  4. Calbeee

    Arctery Veilance Factory Proxy

    Hey guys, As some of you guys know, there is an Arcteryx Factory store which carries the Veilance line-up in Vancouver for reduced prices. Someone was doing this before me but it seems he got banned, so I am here offering the service if anyone is interested. I haven't worked out a solid system yet, but I will fine tune it as I go along. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The rate is: 1:1 CDN - USD: 12% Fee + Paypal Invoice fee + 20 USD within the 48 states. Please keep in mind that as much as I love to help, I am making some money from this as there is time and effort put towards doing this. If you do not understand that, you can simply not use my service. The factory store is a 45 minute drive from my house, and the process of having everything organizing and shipping things out takes time too, so please put that into consideration. Everything is shipped out of Vancouver. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROCEDURE. 1: PM me what you want specifically as well as what you are interested in 2: I call the store and check stock 3: Payment through Paypal Invoice so both parties are safe 4: I pick up the items 5: I ship them ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stock List: (As of March 15) [] PANTS & SHORTS [] //Voronoi Pants Black Sz 28 SOLD Sz 28 PENDING Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 33 SOLD Sz 33 SOLD Sz 33 SOLD Sz 33 Sz 33 //Carbon Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 33 Sz 33 Sz 33 //Sand Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 33 *more funky color ways available as well. **there might be more stock of the shown sizes ---------------------------------------------- Cargo LT Shorts //Black Sz 33 SOLD Sz 33 Sz 33 Sz 33 Sz 33 *other colorways available in 33 --------------------------------------------- [] JACKETS [] Patrol IS Jacket $999 //Black Sz XS Sz S Sz S Sz M Sz L Sz XL --------------------------------------------- Anode IS $699 //Black Sz XS Sz XS Sz S Sz M Sz M ------------------------------------------ Field IS $799 //Navy Sz S Sz XL Sz XL *Maroon available as well ------------------------------------------ *There are other items as well, but these are what I figured people would be interested in. Feel free to ask if there is something that you are looking for and I can check it out. [] List updated as of March 15, 2016 []
  5. Calbeee

    Arcteryx Factory Store Proxy Veilance

    He has been banned, I am not sure why. I am down to take over and without the ridiculous fee since I am in the area anyways. Is there any type of rule that he broke that got him banned? Don't want to be banned myself but don't mind doing a proxy for Vancouver (Wing+Horn, Veilance, etc etc)
  6. Calbeee

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    LF: Guerrila Group Co Cargo Pants Black in sz Small
  7. Calbeee

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    why are all the people that are selling LF-001 in my size (7-7.5) charging so damn much lol
  8. Calbeee

    Arcteryx Factory Store Proxy Veilance

    LOL 1:1 CDN to USD? nice profit man, nice profit. if thats the case i'll proxy anyone that wants too, with no extra fees LMAO. im also from vancouver
  9. Calbeee

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    still looking for black/white lf001 in 7-7.5 . seems like lost cause at this point as people want 500 USD for them. ridiculous
  10. Calbeee

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    man i got SO excited!! too bad hah do they restock?
  11. Calbeee

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    thanks for the heads up man, but wow that price is unreal! equivalent to 810 CAD shipped Also, do you know how I would size in these? I am an 8 in all my Nike flyknits, 8 in Adidas ultra boost, 7Y in AF1, and 40 in CP achilles low I've been camping grailed for months still no luck hah
  12. Calbeee

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    man i really need the acronym lunar force 1 in 6.5-7.5 what are my chances of getting it? the black one