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yea in fact just for you. ill take pics :D sec. Ive never had.. button up jeans (rather than zip) before so uhh yea... i cant even frickin button it. Its possible to but im just too noob.

ugh my hands are gonna blister from trying to button this up. can anyone show me how to properly do this before i rip them in half >.>

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im waiting for some nike dunks and for the belt, iono i like the kr3w belt i have (in pic) and the other kr3w one (thats black and has kr3w etching) but whats the pro of having a real leather belt again? ive never worn these types of skinny jeans so, whats good shoes to go with these for example?

As for the inseam, i walk around the house normally without shoes so i dont want my jeans to be draggiing along etc. Plus other.. asian houses i have to do this too. I might wanna go longer as i can go without making it drag on to the ground etc. so thats prob 1+ inch.

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i dont know how i feel about the exposed sock look when standing straight. i think you could have gone with an extra couple inches on the inseam. plus you can always cuff them when your inside asian homes.

i just think its better to have an extra inch or 2 than to be an inch or 2 short. you cant add inches back to the inseam, well i guess you could...

as long as your happy with the fit then more power to you

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i love looks with exposed socks/ankles.

but not with skate shoes...

yea let me clarify i like it cuffed up exposed, but not sitting like that and yea its probably the shoes that dont help the overall look for me.

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those shoes have no history plus its not how i dress and i dont really like conforming much either. but ty for tips i might look into it but it sounds like it wont.

i got crazy good ones though, ill take pics. The jeans btw look better now, i found out how to button em up and i sagged them down a lil and they look great now

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how do s5000bk's run compared to '47 501s? i have a pair of washed 47's that fit great in a 31/32. i'm looking to pick up a pair of these 5000s, and i'm torn between 29 and 30. i measured my lvc's, and it seems like all BiG's measurements for both 29 and 30 are bigger than my 47s. but reading through the thread it seems like sammys shrink a lot? ughhhh someone help me. also, i'm looking for a straight up straight fit, not so slim, which is why i'm leaning towards the 30, but the measurements for everything just seem so big. -_-

here are my lvc measurements compared to a 29 (lvc-s5000bk size 29)

waist: 33-31

front rise: 11-10.5

back rise: 13.5-14.25

upper thigh: 11-12.25

knee: 8.5-8.75

leg opening: 8-8.5

now compared to a 30 (lvc-s5000bk size 30)

waist: 33-32

front rise: 11-10.5

back rise: 13.5-14.5

upper thigh: 11-12.5

knee: 8.5-9

leg opening: 8-8.5

it would be helpful if someone can post their post-strectched/soaked/washed measurements, so i could compare it with BiG's. (:

one last question: i know it would be better to order from japan through proxy because of arcs/tabs and price, but i'm pretty sure a 36 inseam will be WAY too big on me. i can have these chainstitched at SE, correct? because i know BiG can hem them for me for free, so yeah.

damn, long-ass post. i hope it made sense. thx in advance anyone who helpzzzz me.

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