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Samurai S5000 owners

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Should i wear them while its in hot watter? or just let it sit there itself? And usually how long should it be soaked in hot watter?

i think you have to soak them in really hot water the hotest your tub will go if you want maximum shrinkage. i think youll die in the tub or your nuts would be severely damaged.

i soaked it twice to get all the shrinkage out of the way

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Guest jeffvyain

Crossed from Evo, but I sized down 2 on these. These are the old run of 5000s though, and fit probably more like they would if I sized down 1 on the newerish ones. Good luck with them. They last forever, and they feel good. I'm definitely ready for a different fit though.



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So most of you soak yours 2 times? I soaked mine once and started wearing it, now I feel like I should give it another soak. Will that fuck up anything since ive been wearingg it for about 3days now?

Anyone have some sz 30 post soak measurements?

You'll be fine. I wore mine for a week before giving them a hot wash and dry, then soaked again to get 'em crunchy and stiff.

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wouldnt it be straight sven? maybe if you sized down or something in straight svens because the s5000 is straight slim.

i guess that would be the closest but not exactly straight svens have low rise i think and they dont have any hip flair

kk Thanks. This guy the only one helping man. Props

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