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looking to get my first pair of sammies...set on the s5000vx...now just need help on sizing.

as for me and my preferred fit, i like a slim straight look but def not tight in any way and i typically wear my jeans on my hips. i'm 6' and 140lbs. i don't wash my jeans unless i absoluetly half to (other than a first hot soak for stf).

i wear a 28 in apc ns and while they stretched out a good deal, didn't dig the first few wears waiting for them to stretch out...i will say, they fit perfectly now though but am not sure i want to go through all the ball crunching pain again. i just bought a pair of sz 30 momotaro mvpa02 that shrank to a perfect fit but i haven't worn them that much yet to get an idea of how much they will stretch. i wear a 29 or 30 in all other brands.

so, knowing this, any help or suggestions would be appreciated. i'm torn on getting either a 29 or 30.

thanks all!

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khoiphan, no beef, im just perplexed when i see people carry their wallets that way, sort of seems like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole..

i wear my wallet long ways in cooperation with the shape of the pockets, and even then i hate sitting down and having the ass of my pants jet out with wallet bulge, is keeping it horizontal like that not bothersome?

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im looking at the measurements for the 5000 in comparison to the 0500 and is the back rise really that much shorter for the 5000? my wierd sized lot 10 0500 already were riding up the back i cant imagine anything shorter for the saie tag size. means i would have to size up?

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is it cheaper to order the s5000vx's through a proxy or BiG?

nothing against BiG but i think its cheaper to go through a proxy. and theres more upsides like arcs and tabs.

i paid $282 for my samurais including shipping + proxy

thats about that much through BiG but if they charge shipping its more.

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