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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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My reaction to 5.0 thus far..

:D - yay, sufu is back online

:huh: - huh? what is this?

:wacko: - fuck, I am so confused.. b/w theme makes everything all muddled

:unsure: - what.. where.. I don't know what I'm doing

:angry: - this is bullshit

<_< - 5.0 is lame

:( - and I can't do anything about it

And, agreed, these smileys suck.

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feels like i went back in time

do not want

can't seem to edit older posts (before nov 5?) so now i can't say i sold something and remove it from listing

it reverted my sig to an older one, can't see profile

must google own sales thread

Edited by _ironman
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I've been getting progressively lazier as my post count rises. Now that we're all back to the start with rep, I'll have to start actually saying useful/interesting/drunk things again. This is going to be exhausting.

Also, no caps??!??!?

Edited by Nov Spur
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