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Competition: Heavyweight Denim Championship Of The World 2011/12


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Damn it ufi, I just gave my BK's another wash and was about to throw some pics up today too. Now though, yours look so much better than mine so far. Good work mate, they are looking awesome, I'll get back to you with rep :-)

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thanks mega.. it's getting thighter after the last wash, i'll post my fit pic later. post your jawns,, can't wait to see it cause the last time i check you've got a good fit with the BK

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A bit embarrassed to post this mini update, after ufi's beautiful BK's. I'm struggling to break these bad boys into any sort of meaningful fading.



Still another 17 months wear to go though, so I wont give up on them just yet.

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Thanks man :)

It's not a zippo fade though, I carry a small magnifying glass for work ....and no I am not a detective. Wish I was though :cool:

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so i hate to follow evilcrayon, because those are fucking insane.

But here's my update. coming along slowly, I only have 75 fairly light wears, I can't wear jeans at work unfortunately.


click for larger versions


jawnzIHBB03 by Bishopx24x, on Flickr


jawnzIHBB04 by Bishopx24x, on Flickr


jawnzIHBB01 by Bishopx24x, on Flickr


jawnzIHBB02 by Bishopx24x, on Flickr


jawnzIHBB05 by Bishopx24x, on Flickr

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1st wash, handmade with Dr. Bronners, while kneeling to keep the combs in shape. I know, I am obsessed too much, but don't want the shape to go away.

Reasons: rapid change of mind, must be the X chromosome. Ask your girlfriend how this works.


And the brew, which indicates, that they should at least be less dirty by now.


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