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Competition: Heavyweight Denim Championship Of The World 2011/12


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Ok, something I've mentioned briefly in the small questions thread, which I have had a couple of PM's about, and spoken to a couple of you guys privately about. My idea for an all comers 2011 competition....

The Heavyweight Denim Championship Of The World 2011/12

As I have read through many of the various threads on Superdenim something which has interested me is the idea of comparing the heavier models made by various manufacturers, in terms of fade and durability. Obviously there are brands like Samurai and Iron Heart who we all know make some great, heavy cuts, but there are also the new DB x SF x SE x SF jeans, aswell as the new SDA's at BIG.

Ideally, I'd like to see some of the newer( (like me), or perhaps less frequent posters come into play here, us guys who haven't done any other competitions yet. Aswell as some of the more seasoned members to get a good mix of styles and wearing.

This seems like a good time to get a competition like this off the ground too, I have read that alot of you guys are looking for your next purchase/ project denim, as am I, so this could be fun.

The basic idea is this, a 24 month competition in wearing and abusing some heavyweight denim, 17oz and above.

edit: 03/01/11


I am literally getting swamped with PM's from people interested in joining this contest, and my wife is giving me dirty looks for the amount of time I am spending responding to them, and not spending time with my family, so......

From here on in the contest will be open to all comers, as i originally intended, the following stipulations still apply.

1) Denim must weigh over 17oz.

2) Denim must not have been worn prior to 01/12/10.

3) Closing date for entry will be 01/02/11, you must have at least ordered your chosen denim by then.

4) We expect an update every month from ALL participants, two months without an update will be considered MIA and you will be removed from the contest (without good reason for not updating obviously).

5) If you are already in a different competition wearing heavy denim, feel free to cross compete in this aswell, the more the merrier.

I think that this could be alot of fun for all involved, PM me if you are interested in signing up.

Important And Exciting Announcement - Championship Belt

Ok, so there has been a few mentions of a prize for this suddenly mega contest. So in keeping with flavour of our Superfuture Heavyweight Denim Championship Of The World theme I have been in contact with our good friend James at Obbigood to see what they could do about coming up with a "boxing" style championship belt. I sent James the following picture to give him an idea of what I was talking about, and this is what he had to say about what he could do for us...


The shape will be as wat you have shown me in pics, boxing champion style. The front part will be 8" diameter, curve down to the back 4" width.

On this 4" width, we will separate it into 1" double strap for buckle securing.

The whole belt will be made of Natural Veg Tan leather (yet to confirm the thickness). But on the front part, we will stitch up a round Black Natural Veg Tan leather.

On this Black round leather, the wordings, "SUFU HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP' will be formed by silver dome rivets around the circumference. And in the middle, the wordings 'DENIM".

We will also add some conchos to spice up the belt a little.

I think that sounds unbelievable personally, and I'm so stoked that James could help us out in this way.

Donations are no longer required, the belt has been paid for.

I'd like to thank obbigood for this amazing support and help.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present to you the 'BELT RAJA', the king of belt!

This is wat we call it.

- 15oz Natural Veg Tan leather as base.

- Stone oiled distress leather and black burnished leather for lettering.

- Added hair-on-hide, stitched on.

- Basketweave stamping on stone oiled distress leather

- Hand-stitched 'Heavy Weight Championship' in cursive font.

Part of the process VIDEO




Another Exciting and Important Announcement - More Prizes from Self Edge

The following prizes have been generously donated by Selfedge for the competition.

-$25 Gift Certificate to Self Edge (for third place)

-$50 Gift Certificate to Self Edge (for second place)

-$100 Gift Certificate to Self Edge (for first place)

-I will buy you lunch and get you super duper wasted (The "you're a drunk" award") [only available in SF, NY, LA, or Tokyo according to my schedule]

-Your jeans will be turned into a set of 2000 stickers to be mailed out with our orders and given to customers along with our normal Self Edge stickers, paid for by Self Edge (The Grail Jawnz Award)

-You buy me lunch and at least three beers (Your jeans look terrible, you wasted the mill's time that it took to weave that denim)

-A never before released jean from Self Edge that nobody will ever have, let's hope it's your size. (The "i destroyed my jeans beyond recognition" award)

Another huge thanks to Kiya and Self Edge for this amazing support.




Bred & Butter happens the same week - Jan18 - 20

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Competitors so far....

1) Megatron1505 - Samurai S5000VX - 21oz, Iron Heart Beatle Buster Raw 18oz - England

2) Flash - Samurai S0110XJ - 17oz - Northern Ireland - No longer in the contest

3) Beatle - Iron Heart Beatle Buster - 21oz, Iron Heart Beatle Buster od - 21oz - Germany

4) beautiful_FrEaK - Samurai S500JX-LR - 18oz, Samurai S5000VX - 24oz - Germany

5) thewickett - Iron Heart 634SR - 23oz

6) DFreshLeish - SExDBxSxS 12 - 22oz - USA

7) Peter Parker - Burgus Lot 780 - 17.4oz

8) SwedeAlex - Double Volantes - 21oz - Sweden No longer in the contest

9) ah_long - Samurai S510XX24OZ-L - 27oz No longer in the contest

10) SNg - Samurai 710XX - 19oz

11) Obbigood - Samurai S500JX-LR - 18oz - France

12) Corporalclegg - SExDBxSxS 12 - 22oz - Strike Gold - SG2105 - 17oz - USA

13) .5amazing - Iron Heart 634 - 21oz - Canada

14) Dioxic - SExIH03 - 21oz - USA

15) xrevengex - Iron Heart 634SR - 23oz - USA No longer in the contest

16) lenn - Iron Heart dc4001 - 21oz

17) Atzec - SDA Black Pigs - 21oz - Germany

18) Superbeveridge - Iron Heart 301s-07BK - 19oz - Canada No longer in the contest

19) lucaas - SExDBxSxS 12 - 22oz - Indonesia

20) Stacks - Oni Shoai - 19oz, Iron Heart X634sX - 21oz No longer in the contest

21) Max Power - Iron Heart 634SB - 21oz - Germany

22) jdmcnary - SExDBxSxS 12 - 22oz No longer in the contest

23) laxlife1234 - Iron Heart 666OD - 18oz, Strike Gold 1103EX - 23oz - USA

24) Ronaldish - Iron Heart Beatle Buster - 21oz - Singapore

25) elclintor - Iron Heart 666 - 18oz - USA

26) saintkeat - Iron Heart 666 - 18oz No longer in the contest.

27) MrInvincible - Fearless -23oz No longer in the contest

28) Nooblet333 - Samurai 710XX - 19oz - USA

29) Fur - Iron Heart 634 - 21oz - Canada No longer in the contest

30) iGIT - SExDBxSxS 12 - 22oz

31) Tyler-m- - Samurai 710XX - 19oz No longer in the contest

32) Mctaran - Samurai S500JX-LR - 18oz - Russia

33) CommodoreWheeler - Samurai S500JX-LR - 18oz, Studio D'Artisan D1496 23 oz. LHT - USA

34) Darly900 - Strike Gold 1103EX - 23oz - UK

35) hemi - Iron Heart Beatle Buster - 21oz, Iron Heart 666 - 18oz - Aotearoa

36) ThinFinn - Iron Heart 666OD - 18oz - Iron Heart 634s RAW - 23oz - Germany

37) ialex - Iron Heart 666 - 18oz No longer in the contest

38) vespr^1198s - Iron Heart 634SR - 23oz - USA

39) Forbidden - Pure Blue Japan AI-002 - 18oz - Iron Heart 666XHS - 25oz - China

40) nate - Samurai S500JX-LR - 18oz - Samurai S5000BK - 17oz - USA/ Phillipines No longer in the contest

41) .API. - Iron Heart 634SR - 23oz - USA No longer in the contest

42) Simon626 - Iron Heart 666 OD - 18oz No longer in the contest

43) Toganpro - Iron Heart 301 - 21oz - Canada

44) haryougen - RNB 108 - 23oz - USA No longer in the contest

45) nietenhosen - Iron Heart 666 - 18oz

46) Klue - Hartford Denim Company Dungarees - 24oz (early end date 15th January 2013, due to early wear) - USA

47) morkra - Iron Heart Beatle Buster - 21oz

48) Grundletaint - Iron Heart Beatle Buster - 21oz - No longer in the contest

49) ccmjim - Iron Heart 634S - 21oz - New Zealand No longer in the contest

50) iRX - SExDBxSxS 12 - 22oz - No longer in the contest

51) mssneaker - SExDBxSxS 12 - 22oz No longer in the contest

52) Dingo - Samurai S5000VX - 21oz - Germany

53) dr_do0m - Iron Heart 634SR - 23oz

54) ufi - Samurai S5000BK - 17oz

55) LCMiley - Iron Heart 666S - 18oz - SEXIH07 - 19oz - Australia

56) Marshall Deming - Hartford Denim Company Jump Suit - 24oz - USA No longer in the contest

57) Evilcrayon - Iron Heart X634X - 21oz

58) everyinchofgod - Samurai 710XX - 19oz - USA

59) daynym - PBJ XX007 - 24oz No longer in the contest

60) tomtheimpaler - IHXB01SBG - 21oz

61) Zig_zagidy - Iron Heart 666 - 18oz

62) IsaakM - Strike Gold 1103EX - 23oz, Iron Heart 634SR - 23oz

63) Rotbart - Iron Heart DC4001 - 21oz - Germany

64) caseywisenbaker - Iron Heart 634SR - 23oz

65) Findell - Studio d'artisan 005 - 23oz No longer in the contest

66) Jestre - Samurai - SM410DBN - 17oz

67) Eggplant - Iron Heart 666OD - 18oz No longer in the contest

68) GMC Motorsports - Iron Heart 634SR - 23oz

69) Straight Edge - Iron Heart DC4001 - 21oz

70) nicolnicolnicol - Iron Heart Beatle Buster OD - 21oz - Singapore

71) Cdennis - SExDBxSxS 12 - 22oz No longer in the contest

72) heisjasian - Iron Heart Beatle Buster - 21oz - USA No longer in the contest

73) AFTRMTH - Iron Heart Beatle Buster - 21oz No longer in the contest

74) GupNasty - Iron Heart 634 - 21oz - Samurai - S5000VX - 17oz

75) jbphoto23 - Iron Heart Beatle Buster - 21oz

76) Joshyle - N+F x BiG - 21oz


1) Kiya - Selfedge

2) Giles - Iron Heart UK

3) Lewis - Superdenim

4) K-San - Double Volante

5) Farhad - SUFU

6) almostnice - SUFU




I have filled all the orders for the HDC T-Shirts and shipped them all out

here is a link to what's left if anyone still wants one.

If you don't see the color and size you want then it's SOLD OUT!

As of now there is at least one in every size and color.



Here is the Banner info again

Click here


you can now order your banner here.

3 size options :

18" x 12" - 24" x 36" - 30" x 48"

$25.00 - $35.00 - $45.00

(prices adjusted for shipping anywhere on earth)

Let me know if you have any problem with the order page.




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I only thought of it last night man, but I'm pretty sure the rules could be bent for the sake of 5 days if you're really interested. Unless you've been climbing mountains or something in the last few days I cant see what difference a few days would make over a 24 month contest. You want me to add you?

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Awesome. Its started for those who have their jeans, I'm just waiting for an answer back from Gordon at BIG about shrinkage on the 21oz denim, then I can pay for mine. I'm going to be another couple of weeks before I step in the game.....but over 24 months, y'know the rest.

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Great mix of denim in the competitors so far, especially if Beats can be talking into throwing the Busters into the mix.

There must be someone out there going to be on those new SDA Black Pigs? They look amazing,

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hmm... I'm in the Eternal Contest.. but I think I could put a pair into my rotation...

now which one should I go with

Samurai 19oz BK denim (I think it's S3000 cut, still couldn't figure that out)

Samurai S510XX24OZ-L (27oz after shrink, LHT denim, 510 cut)

Samurai S5000VX Take 5 Collab 17oz (17oz zero denim)

all of these are unsoaked unworn.. hmm

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Hey guys!

I want to join in with my 21oz double volantes that I bought a few weeks back!

Am I good to go with the contest? I'll post pics regularly! I do have pics In both the waywt-thread and the "so I'm having a pair of jeans made"-thread.

I've worn these maybe 4 days a week since I bought them and have done o e initial one hour soak on them.

Please be kind to me! To let you know some more about me, I'm 29 years old turning 30 in July and I live in Sweden. Where heavyweight denim is to prefer since it's winter here a loooong time.


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