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  1. SwedeAlex

    NoKipple - Official Thread

    First of, congrats! Second I own a pair of Sagara boots and all I can say is that they are second to none, both in quality and craftmanship. Superior! And I bought mine for a fraction of the price other brands sell for. Best of luck and I will certainly buy from you guys in the future.
  2. SwedeAlex

    WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2013

    Sorry for the neg rep Brown! Damn iPad. My bad! Ill pic and I wanted to give you props for it.
  3. SwedeAlex

    Superartisans Denim & Leather Brands

    ^^^Cosign with Mega!
  4. Yes! Systembolaget got monopoly on all things alcohol here...
  5. SwedeAlex

    3sixteen Jeans

    Just got the 34BSP and tried them on for a few hours. Damn these are great! The fit is spot on and the denim is something else. Crunchy with lots of character and I bet these will fade extremely well with wear. I love the feeling of raw denim! If anyone is contemplating on getting these, don't think, act! Caution though...the sizetable on 3sixteen is of. Selfedge is spot on. These are the exact same cut as the 30BSP. So look there before buying if you can't try them on in store.
  6. SwedeAlex

    3sixteen Jeans

    Just bought the 34BSP from the decade collection. Hope to receive it this week, but I live in Sweden. Maybe if I'm lucky! Looking forward to get these in my hands and really looking forward to break them in!
  7. SwedeAlex

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Good I waited to buy a new pair of jeans. These will be my next weapon of choice!
  8. 3Sixteen ST-130 heavy oz jeans or Roy Buck-Tite?
  9. Hello! I am selling a pair of Eternal 888 15th anniversary jeans in size 36. I sell these cause they do not fit me as I want. These have just been soaked in luke warm water and worn around the house for about 20 miutes. I live in Sweden and will ship using The Swedish Postal Service. Price: $300 shipped worldwide with tracking. PM me. Payment through PayPal. Actual measurements laid flat: Waist: 46 cm. 18.1 inches Front rise: 30 cm. 11.8 inches Back rise: 43.5 cm. 17.1 inches Thigh (measured from the crotch out): 33.5 cm. 13.2 inches Knee: 25 cm. 9.8 inches Hem: 22.5 cm. 8.9 inches Inseam: 96 cm. 37.8 inches Now onto the pics...
  10. SwedeAlex

    Eternal Jeans

    Yeah, I looked at the measurements at BiG and talked alot with the seller in Japan. I figured a 13.75 inch thigh would be perfect with a cold soak. But the thigh could not have been 13.75 inches raw, it had to be smaller than that. I did not take any measurements presoak... Yep, I will have to hunt down something else instead. It´s frustrating though cause I´ve only gotten the right fit three times in the last years. Well...
  11. SwedeAlex

    Eternal Jeans

    The thighs actually. I need a little more room there to make these look good and also feel good. Right now they´re not comfortable at all. To bad, but I´ll get something else instead.
  12. SwedeAlex

    Eternal Jeans

    Got a pair of 888 15th anniversary yesterday. Soaked them in lukewarm water. They don´t fit me as I thought. So I´m letting them go. I know, shameless plug...but I need to move them. Size: 36 PM me if interested.
  13. SwedeAlex

    Ande Whall Denim

    Fantastic pair okisan!
  14. @Max: Great pics and evo!
  15. Well, you did not start the experience to well... Are you yelling in the last sentence? I'm curious since you're using big fonts...and do you have anymore fonts that you can use? Cause I think it's really cool! And extremely creative...