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    effector aw warehouse duck digger belly full of bbq tofu belt not needed ooe yofukuten OA01XX-1217 paraboot chambord
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    Lots of work lately and TCB 20's just got back from second repair. But I did find time for a wee festival with Tame Impala and The Streets to name a few. Bonus bits and scraps from the last few weeks. Extra Christophe Loiron-kick. At least I'm wearing TCB pants.
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    Washed by hand and rinsed in the machine, this time.
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    Rainy Saturday so we went to the new museum in town, the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte (Centre of Bavarian History), since entry is free for the first few weeks after opening. There's the Oktoberfest Löwenbräu lion in the foyer And relevant to this thread - a short panel on Levi Strauss The museum is worth a visit if you're ever in Regensburg. ^ seats from the '72 olympics "Landesgrenze", this tree once marked a border crossing between east and west Germany ice cream afterwards
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    There's a sick wool softshell jacket (poly + wool + elast) that i'm really looking forward to getting my hands on. IIRC it is similar in cut to the mionn IS, with the added benefit of a neat looking (attached) storm hood. The seasonal fishtail parka is going to come in some wacky / strange / cool material that seems to be a shiny variant of a ripstop weave. Bright neon yellow and black from what i've seen so far. Field jacket returns in hollowcore I believe. Similar in cut and design to the naslan light split jacket from this season (not the hollowcore detachable variant). Seen one in a syruppy purp. Some other noteworthy jawnz- Pretty sick looking cargos this season. They've got detachable (de-zip on two sides) side-pockets that are aligned just like the p-10A (or any A variant). 3-side pocket access. Pocket is made out of some shiny/crinkled fabric. Reminds me of the prismatic / toffee-wrapper / glazed silk jackets from the mainline. The beanie this season made me go wtf at first (and not in a good way). Simply put, it unfolds partially to cover your face, like half a balaclava (except, it only reaches the bottom of your nose which looked kinky). It then dawned on me that the beanie is meant to work with the accompanying turtleneck pullover. the unfolded turtleneck covers the bottom part of your face and overlaps rather nicely). IMO this can be an upgrade or a downgrade in comparison to the legendary fusion gaiter. Depends on wardrobe flexibility I suppose. Biggest change comes in the form of the choice of footwear. Traditionally, sisp release one model of shoes in two variants per season. They stopped doing this from ss18 I believe. FW17 actually had 3 variants of the slip ons - engraved leather hi-top chelsea / suede engraved hit-top chelsea / engraved leather convertible slip on. They seem to have moved away from the slip on / chelsea sneaker boot with a flat outsole and instead they've opted for a vibran outsole that is a lot more aggressive / hiker - core that seems to be the flavour of the month in fashion. The upper has a pretty sick graphic element on it (black leather and suede base with white graphic overlays). Quite a unique shoe, still unsure on it as i've always been a fan of their flat soled slip ons. Sorry for the long post. Been meaning to type this down for a while but I kept missing the train for some odd reason.
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    At Last Co ROY Memorial New Balance
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    RRL Shirt RRL pants Nigel Carbourn Suspender Viberg x Iron Heart Engineer Boots
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    Interesting... Just received the FH cafe racer, incredible service from @Danny @ Rivet & Hide as always. The leather is, as with all their jackets, gorgeous, and the stitching is laser focused. The back panel is a work of art, can't get get pics of that until the other half gets home! Cold day in Melbourne so a hoody on, which works I think, but obviously I'll normally be wearing a tee or shirt.
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    So how's the waiting coming along? I can report that Inoue-san has started cutting the fabric earlier this week. Here's a few pictures from when Shingo visited him last summer: http://denimbridge.jp/2018/07/08/9136 Btw, looks like we'll be a little more than 50 people in the contest, 20 from Japan.
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    winter is here!!
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    My 3109's. Couldn't tell you how many washes or how much wear, just many & much. Bought them in 2014/15 but only wore them sporadically, but they've seen much more action in the last 12mths.
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    WTS: P10TS-DS Large w/ bag and spec - $800 net Loose/missing stitching at the opening of the pockets, but otherwise in good shape.
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    Hello, is ues do the collabs with denime? I got ues x denime in 66 models Here's the pictures!
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    The Stripes (Shirt and Pants are RRL)
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    Agree on all the above. I'm 6'1, 185lbs and a solid size 44 in their shirts, and even funnier, an XXL in their jackets!:
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    Quick shout out to @meccaNIZM for a super smooth trade, was a pleasure doing business sir!
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    resolute 710. these will gradually see less wear as i put on another pair for the denim invitational contest over on FB..
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    Denime was the first reproduction brand that I noticed years ago when I started getting into denim. Happy to say that I Recently acquired some Denime 66s from the Shins era. Quite a lovely denim and the fit is wonderful.
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    Pulling out some indigo socks for their first real wear this evening—the artificial lighting doesn't do justice to the depth of color on these! After a year or so of wearing mostly Tender socks, I don't see myself going with anything else any time soon.
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    Took a couple of quick phone pics of my DD-1001XX (1947) jeans. I've had them since May 2018, but didn't wear them all the time. Washed only a few times because I didn't do any strenuous work in them. I went for a size bigger (32 instead of 31) and have been wearing them with a belt as you might be able to tell from the waistband folds. It's made them a really easy pair of jeans to wear, especially in the summer time! Would liked to have nabbed the 1946 jeans in the newer denim, but opted for a pair of IH jeans for the winter time.