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    SDA shirt, Ande Whall jeans, Birks
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    as a matter of fact yes, i do wear the same hat and chambray daily. but i got new jeans! papa nui buzz rickson full count vans
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    Hello everyone. The contest will start in another month! I'm really looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to seeing your posts on sufu and feeling like traveling around the world. Let's have fun together!
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    (That was yesterday tbh.) SDA, Maui Jim, SC jacket, FW tee, MFSC
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    Just picked up both my pairs, some comparison photos. XX20 on top, XUVS beneath. iPhone lighting playing some tricks in the later photos, the denim of the XX20 looks darker when it's displayed on its own. XX20: XUVS: Comparison of the hems to give you some color comparisons. XX20 on the left, XUVS on the right.
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    my 20s after machine washed
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    Won't make this a long post at all, but I figured I would share this here. I am from a small community in the NW suburbs of Chicago that has historically been a farm town. At least to me though, its claim to fame should be this. I do not know a lot about the history of Union Special, but I do know that it has been here for quite some time. Also, last year on the left side of the building (where the smoke stack is) a microbrewery moved in aptly named Sew Hop'd.
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    Hey guys, so I was going through my closet and found a jacket that my dad had given me a while back. He wore it a lot when he was younger, although don’t know around the time he had it. It is one of my favorite jackets though, especially during winter time because of the blanket lining.
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    JWJ El Patron I picked up in 2017 for more than $23 Printing on the patch has held up well through a slew of washes The amount of body twist on this thing is crazy All the seams are hand-felled / lapped, which is pretty neat The backing to the collar is a really lovely linen / silk blend that they weave in-house; it's held up remarkably well too Overall, this one's been really good to me. The fabric's one of my favorites I've ever handled. I don't think I'd like it on a pair of jeans, but it's perfect here. Fairly heavyweight cotton / hemp blend; not-too-slubby yarns hand-dyed with natural indigo. It's faded more than I expected from a hand-dyed fabric, although it did take a good chunk of wear to start showing. The detailing is really neat; I like the lapped seams and the single-needle stitching and the leather washers backing all the buttons and rivets. The construction itself is sub-par; in a few places too little allowance was given during patterning / construction and I've had to mend more than I'd like, but that's okay. The buttons were also applied poorly, with too much pressure / too narrow of a spacer, leading to the shafts cutting through the fabric and the fabric fraying. So far, this has only caused real issues for one button, but I anticipate more will break down in time. My biggest issue is that the buttons are placed too far in on the yoke relative to the button holes, so that the whole yoke sits off to one side rather than at the center of the body when buttoned. The hardware is so-so, and the constructional thread is poly-core rather than 100% cotton which is sort of a bummer. All that having been said, with the fabric and the styling as nice as it is, I wouldn't trade this jacket for anything.
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    visvim black elk flannel // rage guerrilla necklace // visvim high water chino // rage guerrilla sneakers
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    Been wearing these a lot the past six months, have a small hole on the front pocket but other than that are holding up great. Will get less love while the temperature is up but I will get back to them in the fall.
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    Quick fit pic of the XX20's, hot washed 1.5 times (washer went on the fritz halfway through, so I had to start the cycle over again). Nice loose fit, inseam shrunk up perfectly.
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    Really hard to capture true colors with a phone, but tracks and roping are 10/10 after the last wash and I did decide to send my 02s off to indigo proof for a hem after all looking forward to getting them back and hopefully contributing more to this thread.
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    sassacus 90s cap - orslow - oshkosh - [white f**king socks maynard] - r.mocs balanced double denim beach wear with witnesses ...
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    last update for awhile. i’m pulling these as my main pair for the foreseeable future since i just got some full counts and the tcb contest is coming up. worn 5-7 days a week since late april 2020. probably ten or so washes.
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    Some post wash blues. This denim is ridiculous.
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    The ooe denim is super perfect. I’m at 10 weeks exactly on mine. Initial soak only. I keep trying to shift the cuff to different lengths to keep the threads from breaking as they still have the original hem. I’ll probably put a solid month or two in them before I switch back to something warmer for winter.
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    Received my XX20s yesterday, and man I am blown away. First pair of Roys and definitely one of the most beautifully constructed garments I have ever put my hands on. Just gave them a hot wash, drying in the sun now... test lot pocket details are neat, but may actually wind up picking them off just as a personal preference
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    MF Skivvy MF OG Cone Birks
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    I have received the full list! we reached 200, because Ryo and Hajime join the contest (but they won't qualify to win) 1 volvo240thebest (Italy) @volvo_sufu 2 Topgearskin (England UK) @topgearskin 3 Julian Wolf (USA) n.a. 4 Tigerstrom (Sweden) @kristoffertigerstrom 5 Kylito (USA) @umamikyle 6 Lazerr (USA) n.a. 7 Broark (USA) @br0ark 8 Graytrain (USA) n.a. 9 Ar Thor (Denmark) @Ar_thor 10 NycSurFer (USA) @mbrewer530 11 Darren Barbera (England UK) @mindfulbiscuit 12 bartlebyyphonics (England UK) n.a. 13 Brownmetallic (USA/Philippines) @Brownmetallic_sufu 14 PaulT (England UK) n.a. 15 Hopethisoneisnttaken (Israel) @omrimeir 16 Mtvare (england UK) n.a. 17 tjandaputra (Sweden/Netherlands) @kynankr 18 Jared Lee (USA) @jared.lee.blakenship 19 Maharu (Sweden) @m4haru 20 Roomtemplacroix (USA) @roomtemplacroix 21 Corporalclegg (USA) n.a. 22 Thanks_M8 (Germany) n.a. 23 Erockisalive (USA) @ericgosselin 24 Shredwin_206 (USA) @shredwin_206 25 Aho (USA) @ahonobaka 26 Momokun (Australia) @demoxiix 27 Cottonskinblues (Canada) @cottonskinblues 28 Erk (USA) @rickytylerson 29 Least Weasel (USA) n.a. 30 Andrew Rose (USA) @hikingrmnp 31 Unders (England UK) @billyspa 32 DoitsuJin (USA) @sirojin 33 Uncle Karl (Japan) 1188sft 34 Frost (Germany) @bjrnsblg 35 Slab (Belgium) @sasaki_kojiro13 36 Nayuta and her cat (Japan) 121nayuta 37 Justintk (USA) @jdeare_1990 38 Yot (Indonesia) @rdwnsetiawan 39 moimanuh (India) @bhaskar.89 40 Mariano Vittori (Switzerland/Italy) @marianovittori 41 RunMountainDrew (USA) @RunMountainDrew 42 Illcutz (England UK) @illcutz 43 Facini (Denmark) @dafa.denim 44 garden gnomes in space (USA/Italy )@gnomechompsky 45 srudy (USA) @denimbitch 46 UkeNo (UK) @ukeno_ 47 MrCknNuggets (Japan/Canada) @mrcknnuggets 48 kameisenpai (Japan) @kameisenpai 49 Hermit (USA) n.a. 50 JDelage (France/USA) @jossdelage 51 Collin (Switzerland) @C_jonas 52 Spiraltoy (Sweden) @Spiraltoy 53 irual (Finland) n.a. 54 Duke Mantee (Scotland) @duke_mantee 55 YossarianRaw (Denmark) @redheadbluebottom 56 plattertough (USA) n.a. 57 discwork (USA) n.a. 58 longshanks (USA) @sirlongshanks 59 Lori13 (USA) n.a. 60 jigsaw (Indonesia) @wiliamsonmariomichael 61 mandel9000 (Norway) n.a. 62 yabyoshi (Japan) @yabyoshi 63 lefty (USA) @thetwoclicks 64 iad2020 (Indonesia/USA) @digdayaa 65 olmecasteve (Mexico/USA) @elmezclilladeacero 66 Elmer.Richard (Philippines) @elmer.richard 67 BionicEye (Netherlands) n.a. 68 RemsB (Belgium) @remybrich 69 JohnM (USA) @hesalitedome 70 Esakafurusan (France) @Esakafurusan 71 Mrs MJF9 (England UK) n.a. 72 Qube (Belgium) @qube.head 73 Bowler (Canada) n.a. 74 Strat (England UK) @Strat_Indigo 75 MilesTheGreat aka JDelage Jr (France/USA) 76 Mondo (Australia) n.a. 77 Christ T (Scotland) n.a. 78 not too tight (USA) @johnbluejean 79 buler (USA) n.a. 80 Daf123 (Indonesia) @rakhmaddaffa 81 Dan_F (USA) n.a. 82 dudewuttheheck (USA) @almostvintagestyle 83 urbancitizen (Switzerland) @urbancitizen_ch 84 Claes (Sweden) n.a. 85 wmb (USA) n.a. 86 Foxy2 (Scotland/Germany) n.a. 87 LazyS (USA) n.a. 88 CSL (USA) @casoley 89 tpun (Hong Kong) @puntaco 90 adastrus (USA) @adastrus 91 Sattyz (Indonesia) n.a. 92 Eggplant (Hong Kong) n.a. 93 ThatDudeOrion (USA) @ThatDudeOrion 94 tongtommy (Netherlands/Indonesia) @tongtommy 95 81611 (USA) n.a. 96 Jurassic (UK) n.a. 97 breakingfad (USA) @breakingfad 98 djungelorm (USA) n.a. 99 istewi (USA) @istewi 100 Martin13 (France) @martind013 101 Frs (Indonesia) @farraswibisono 102 theguywhoknewthatguy (USA) n.a. 103 diggers (Indonesia) @jo_dundee 104 SugarCane (USA/France) @fade_in_progress 105 Capsicum Fried Meat (China) @capsicumfiredmeat 106 propellerbeanie (Australia) @propellerbeanie 107 beautiful FrEaK (Germany) @bf_sufu 108 el padre (UK) n.a. 109 JRendon02 (USA) @JRendon02 110 Chicote (USA) @iyangruyere 111 Indigo_Junkie (Australia) n.a. 112 Crocodino (Indonesia) @joshuaprakasa 113 Olerth (Norway n.a. 114 vpgosnell (USA) @blackandbrownblues 115 dau (Russia) @Dauern 116 ocellarismax (France) @cars_watches_and_3d 117 Toegun (UK) @toegun 118 Slowdownarthur (UK) @dimjerky 119 Furnituremaker (USA) @mleggettfurniture 120 Farood (France) @Farood 121 Boras (France) @boarasification 122 H...crimper (UK) n.a. 123 Mustacchio (Italy) @moostang83 124 Tiro (Belgium) @timmybeylemans 125 JohnnyD (UK) n.a. 126 7890 (Hong Kong) @Kin 112 2 127 shotime59 (Japan) shotime59 128 juzuya_ihei (Japan) juzuya_ihei 129 Anonymous 1 (Japan) 130 Stylefactory.sugawara (Japan) @stylefactory.s 131 Stylefactory.matsuno (Japan) @stylefactory.matsuno 132 Anonymous 2 (Japan) 133 Kiriyamaworks (Japan) @kiriyamaworks 134 tmht_sg (Japan) @tmht_sg 135 Yagi Komatsu (Japan) 136 tt76_insta (Japan) @tt76_insta 137 beck-J (Japan) 138 hirossy (Japan) 139 kazzkitattoo (Japan) 140 okihika (Japan) 141 yass1973 (Japan) 142 Ooangoudama (Japan) 143 Pink Black White (Japan) 144 diez-katsumi1989 (Japan) 145 tetsu_OT (Japan) 146 SEISAN (Japan) 147 Shiitake (Japan) 148 ginrei2020 (Japan) 149 Miyabuhin (Japan) 150 kabuyyy (Japan) 151 50star (Japan) 152 sasakic (Japan) 153 883masa go go (Japan) 154 flstsc.07 fuji (Japan) 155 Ulala (Japan) 156 kazuki (Japan) 157 Momochi Sandayu (Japan) 158 Jaguar (Japan) 159 310_h (Japan) 310_h 160 eddie ramone (Japan) 161 Charinko Samurai (Japan) 162 TAKA11 (Japan) 163 108 (Japan) 164 nachi_s143 (Japan) nachi_s143 165 aloha.palaka_official (Japan) aloha.palaka_official 166 tetsu (Japan) 167 TETSUJI (Japan) 168 Chara shima Japan 169 suzuki (Japan) 170 tamayu (Japan) 171 Anonymous 3 (Japan) 172 Kiwi (Japan) 173 SG-93 (Japan) 174 Anonymous 4 (Japan) 175 stove-nakameguro (Japan) 176 tangoblack (Japan) 177 beck19771977 (Japan) beck19771977 178 h_monkey_82 (Japan) h_monkey_82 179 MIKE (Japan) 180 blue marble (Japan) 181 Blue Beans (Japan) 182 Aliens exist (Japan) – that’s Ryo 183 Yumo (Japan) 184 koyaji07 (Japan) 185 yota (Japan) 186 Momosu (Japan) 187 Tochi (Japan) 188 Michi (Japan) 189 Dunga Lee Hooker (Japan) 190 GG (Japan) 191 Iaigiri bomber (Japan) 192 Underdog (Japan) 193 344 (Japan) 194 ka_pa_pa (Japan) 195 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    LVC, MFx2, Flame Panda
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    The first rule of Roy’s back pockets is: You do not talk about Roy’s back pockets. The second rule of Roy’s back pockets is: You do not talk about Roy’s back pockets. Third rule of Roy’s back pockets is you talk about them so much everyone knows what they look like.
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    Norse projects cap, Arket moleskin jacket, EG x Uniqlo polo, LVC ‘37s and Vans slipons.