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    tcb wool_lined 50's jk tcbww2contestjeans vans
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    The Flat Head - Resolute - Veja
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    Take a walk trough my lovely hood.... Atf a-3 cap,grumpy face,elmc ringer tee, J.A.Dubow A2,Jelado 55 ( pre 313xx model),Attractions engineers.
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    Full Count Chore // MF Bandana // RRL Pants // Viberg x Iron Heart Engineer Boots
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    Bronson / Vintage Orvis / TCB 50s
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    Vintage Velvet Blazer LVC tee Sansabelt Polo Nettleton safety toe longwings I think this fit would work better with slimmer pants. Next time! As some of you may recall my brewery was hit by a tornado on Father's Day, June 20th of this year. As you can imagine, dealing with landlords, various property owners, government agencies, and insurance has been quite the labyrinthine process for my employers. But I can finally offer a little update. Now that the structural integrity of the building has been secured we were able to open a tiny area in an relatively undamaged part of the brew house to serve guests and elsewhere cosmetic and internal repairs have finally begun. We are still looking at next March or April at the earliest to be fully back up to speed but it was such a huge relief to be back at it this weekend pouring beers for our community. Friday night: And a few shots from last June for context:
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    Back at work so I can bore you guys again
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    Just gave my XX20 R01s their ~10th(ish?) wash. Wore them pretty frequently for work the first couple months, then a bit less as it got warm. I would say probably about 8 months of actual wear on these. I was pretty late to the Roy party but feel very lucky to have these as a piece of history
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    Sup 2006 vintage b&l/undercover/Dior/visvim
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    didn't post here really long time... Burgas Plus LVC tee LVC 1954 501Z MiUSA Wallabees
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    Nothing exciting.. just some 25th 50s fit photos in better lighting
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    I forgot all about Superfuture (shoot me please) Been too busy on IG Wore my pair until spring when I changed to lighter denim but about to start wearing them again. This is how they look/fit after the machine wash in april before storing them away
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    not competing here, just trying some post-wash no-cuff flex and raw/cooked assemblage... [with train seat affinities...]
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    ^^^cont.. Finally got my kids attic room finished Painted his old pine wardrobes with F&B Mr Bingo's 'Rasheed Does A Kickflip' Plants from Gravel Pit on Abbeydale Rd and some 'Made in Sheffield' cast iron shelf brackets Dunk Tree print i saved from 2006 ...so i bashed his head in with my Louisville Slugger... Nice view over Whiteley Woods when he's tall enough to see out^
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    Here is my pair, happy with the way they’re going, especially as I have been working from a desk a lot of the time
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    Nearly dry after another wash. Starting to get holes in the back pockets and pocket bags now. I’m having to wash more frequently now as I wear them to work and they look pretty grimey after 2 weeks.
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    not pictured m43 JL en route. my 6” whites moc toe out for rebuild my 10877 red wing moc toes
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    Wanted to do some side by side comparisons of the zips on the new ng4 Main thing to note is that it uses the same type of heavy duty metal ykk zipper as the LF1’s, which I’m sure a lot of us here have handled before. It’s a size above the standard ykk vislon zips commonly used in jackets. They’re beefy Here’s the ykk zip next to a raccagni zip on one of my Rick Owens jackets. After handling both I can say neither one is better than the other as there’s hardly any difference in how heavy they are and how they feel. Both are weighty and they do be zipping… Make sure to like and subscribe to this post and post your challenge video’s in the comments below!!! /s
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    Evisu 2101 worn off and on over years.
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    Fit pics after a trip through the wash. (Wow Imgur really killed the photo quality on these )
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    Leftfield 18 oz slub Chelsea, about 6 years old, hand-washed about twice a year.
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    FWs is just tops... Sorry for the poor photo quality, but you get the idea here!