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    Crooked mr freedom shirt. The button placket goes to the left. At first I couldn’t figure out why it wears so weird. Than I realized there is an error. Now I live with it and don’t mind it. and atlast co lot 161 , vans
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    Seems like the hot weather may be done in my corner of California, so I can get back to being a better participant here. Labor Union MF Oak Street
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    Been a long while since I posted, but thought I'd do a bit of a TCB dump. All have been washed and dried heavily, and all are still being worn! Going in order of purchase: 50's jacket, 7 years (still going strong from seasonal usage): 60's 6 years 50's 6 years 50's black 2.5 years (Pandemic jeans)
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    A variant of the Brooklyn for Justin Chen on IG Hand painted 9-10oz Tuscan Vachetta to get a distressed finish as specified with Japanese brass buckle and matching hardware, set with copper matrix turquoise gemstones
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    My costume for this mornings school run: McCoy, Benzak, MF and Gustins.
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    Took a motorcycle trip out around the Washington peninsula this week, stopped at some lovely places that I didn’t photograph… had soup and an odd homemade rune psychic reading by the welsh owner of a co-op in clallam bay, got some really good homemade blackberry & salal jam, saw the (supposedly) world’s largest cedar tree at the end of a labyrinth of logging roads, and then rode 3 hrs home they a random 40 degree cloud front that was pretty brutal lol. But not as bad as it could be!
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    Those look great on you Young, especially with the higher cuff. Here’s a couple fit pictures of my Encinitas that just came in. they are really similar to my tcb 40s from the thigh down, with a slightly lower rise, but it’s actually at a more comfortable place for me, just reaching my hips rather than sitting on top of them. the waist is a little loose but nothing a belt can’t handle. The denim and details are on point with the exception of the patch (prefer the paper one) and the lack of leather backings on the fly buttons like they used to have. Overall I’m really happy with this fit and will definitely be wearing these a lot. Mind our chaotic apartment lol, it’s like 350 square feet and we are still figuring out where all our books, clothes and art stuff are supposed to go!
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    Brief few days where it was cool enough in the morning and night to need a jacket. sugar cane awa-shoai type I samurai Japanese cotton zero fabric tshirt Stevenson encinitas rick Owens boat sneaks
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    Mister Freedom specialises in classics with a twist.
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    Thought I'd post a Post wash of my Iron Heart OD. Got a new pin (thanks SESF team) , sent my 633's in for proper repair ( my home repairs started falling apart) And also got the chance to meet the man himself, Kiya. Super cool dude, was really nice to finally meet, talk cool clothes, denim, yo-yo's, knives, and most importantly talk printers and copiers. Rollers son. Also it's just super nice to come hang out and chat it up.
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    Taking the time to reinforce a few seams so here are my DD 1003xx after a few washes. Probably 8-9 mos wear at this point. I like the jeans overall but just don’t love how fast seams are blowing and the flimsy/short pocket bags as well. I really need to learn darning bc the crotch fabric is gonna go next. These will be washed frequently now. Tied w Tender for my favorite cut.
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    they’re replacing the Cee Blues as my “nice” jeans. the CBs have about 2.5 years of near constant wear, and I’d happily buy another pair from Gilbert. fit pics once I figure out how I like the cuffs.
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    N-3 by Beams, WH sweatshirt and jeans
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    Great Lakes, Union Special, Hollows, TCB, White’s
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    Warehouse have really impressed me; wish they'd been making this much variation in models back in early 2000's - l would've ditched lvc straight away. I think they do 3 or 4 different war models plus a 1941 with (probably) the wrong yoke, plus many others. CSF takes the prize for stitching, using old machines and general attention to detail/nuances. The WW2 denim is probably one of my favourites ever. Never been interested in anything TCB has to offer.
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    For all the negative feelings I/we have towards Yoshiaki now I still think he makes the best s501xx repro , while all aspects are not 100% correct ( I'm thinking pattern cutting here ) I think the s409xxx San Francisco is still number 1 for me
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    This falls under ‘reflections’. I really like the way red thread looks on denim. That about covers it.
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    I think Warehouse did really lots of different models and certainly not bad ones. In terms of small variations and nuances, CSF will take the price every time. Maybe BOT can rival him? But his stuff looks cleaner, more like Double Volante. The TCB one wasn't bad as well ( @Flash will disagree in a minute) but the cut just didn't work for me (as well as many TCB cuts I've tried). With CSF bringing up all the small details and failures, all the other "clean" WW2 pairs you had earlier don't really feel right.
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    Tbh l'm well over all the WW2 repro stuff and have been for a couple of years. But l have to agree with @Flash, for me (pattern cutting and sizing issues aside) the CSF WW2 stuff is still head snd shoulders above any other WW2 repro stuff l've handled. Still have some Cone Lvc 1944's but they dont come close imo.
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    WTS P22-DS Black Size S 9/10 lightly worn no flaws (other than some faint marks) full pack $1000 $800 net WTB or T for P10A-DS Black XS
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    @youngofthesoonest love that Awa Ai jacket! Levi's - Duke - Denime - Converse
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    Feels good to be back in denim after a long hot summer ebbets field tcb denime
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    Bump to this thread! I wouldn't say these are unknown, maybe a little known... anyhow seems ok to post 'em here Outstanding Company from South Korea iirc Mrs MJF9's only jeans... 5 years old ish, worn on and off from raw, a robust dungaree-type denim with still loads of life left... and great value for money as they were pretty cheap Edit - I just found some 'before' pics on the interweb so have added them for comparison

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