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    It's been a while, but here are some findings on J86. The fabric is indeed a Gore-Tex, but from the Pyrad line. A bit water-resistant(ACR says it can withstand some rain), windproof, and yes, flame-resistant (A friend confirmed with E himself). Unfortunately, I still don't know what GTB stands for(we'll find out eventually). The silhouette is based on the Type II jacket, and the arms patterns come from Medieval European armor and pourpoint, especially the Grande Assiette (plate) pattern. The Grande Assiette comes with triangle patterns on the front and back. It is very clear on J86. On the back, ACRNM adds a line that goes all the way to the hem. Under the armpits, are extra triangle patterns, which is the modern take on extra room for movement. The patterns of the forearms are literally from gauntlets of armor. If you ever wonder why the chest pockets look like that, here's the answer. It's all about triangles. ACRNM even sacrificed the storage for this - they stitched the pocket entry to maintain the shape. The chest pocket cannot open fully. The most important thing I want to mention: the stitching on the front plate pattern is actually not continuous; the chest pocket breaks it (see above). No stitching underneath. Yet you may still see the pattern is complete because they manage to make the curve visually continuous. I can imagine how hard this is during production. Overall, J86 combines 3 different times in 3 dimensions: Now (fabric), 50s American workwear(silhouette), and Medieval(arm pattern). Triangle of Happiness PS. English is not my first language. I'm making a video for this but in Chinese. If you speak Chinese you might already watch my previous videos. If you don't, remember these are the most interesting parts so you won't miss a lot.
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    Saint James - Denime - Converse
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    iPhone pic ok mate? (Sorry about the lighting - blowing a gale outside so that’s a no-no, and inside is all glare or shadow with the last of the summer sun) selvedge everywhere on this thing
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    DC 4 ,located in Berlin ,Germany got loads of cool stuff from this brand, unfortunately not yet listed on website . Denim jeans lots 126,147,161,162 Jackets lot 118J,147J,163J Chinos, one pocket tee, chambray shirt More come in next week!!! Me just goofin around in a 147 !
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    Benzak, Sam’s, Gustin The view from the studio
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    Couple more one from the very underrated Walpier Buttero Rocky leather … and one from the very much overrated Horween CXL
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    Haven’t popped in here in a while but I gotta say, E looks good in the hat/gloves lol. Better than the cat eyes glasses and pointy balenciaga shoes … his overall look has more of that dystopian usps deliverer vibe which I would take over tacky graphics/ neon/ weirdo balenciaga stuff. Unfortunately, the latter still seems to be the main direction he’s going.
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    and @tjsma here we are!: The straps are all adjustable- the satchel and pouch here are both shortened quite a bit, they could both hang at waist height if preferred
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    Nearly there.. The clover is sprouting ..i used slate to cover up the peagravel/drainage behind the oak Like a lot of houses in Sheffield they're built on a hill so the weight of the land above is pushing my outside wonky toilet away from the wall ...the floor stays where it is but the further up you go.. the more lean you have, i wanted to keep the door square and parallel so it opened/closed properly so i tapered the frame from this ..to this .. i'm keeping my bike in there now i've put a new ceiling up and got rid of the toilet, i've kept some airflow top and bottom so it doesn't get damp and got creative with the tapered lintel reclaimed brass fittings Beehive escutcheon ..this was falling down in April ..boxed in the new tap (pipe from the cistern feed) and stuffed if full of sheeps wool so hopefully it doesn't freeze/burst pipe again.. .. finally got those flip down seats fitted after a 22yr hiatus ..used some poppy green oak .. brass cabin hooks to hold the bin storage lids open ..and some old carabinars which i've attached to a lifting eye with cord.. so when you open the lid and attach to the cabin hook.. your bin lid opens too ..JMC and we all lived happily ever after...
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    This pair became workshop work jeans. Bought them from aero leather back in 2013 or so. Worn them for a bit but never really like them. The lack of belt loops and the taper is what I don’t like. The prong of the cinch broke off, so I sowed the cinch fixed. I believe it’s a 1901
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    experimenting and creating art is great! Telling someone their art or experiments are not very good, if you think they're not very good, is also fine. This modern mindset that you need to live in a rubber room where everybody tells you everything is great, is stupid. Grow up. Hope that's not too offensive! Personally, I don't really care about the shoes. It's a cool concept, but not a very good execution.
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    Hermann Oak with steel buckle, brass and nickel plated steel spots and vintage glass
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    Looking forward to breaking in these LVC Japan 1944's.
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    Some updates to the LB 40s jeans, worn for about 3 months so far. Denim is starting to show some signs of life, really enjoying them so far. There's a nice grain starting to develop. My complaints are minimal, the selvedge ID is a little wide and I wish the front pocket openings were a little bigger.
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    Ooe / Buaisou / At Last / Viberg
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    wwii jeans 1945 granny’s arcs she put on are giving way to the work abuse
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    Lets talk Coats. Has anyone over the years had an Acrnm coat that they really enjoyed? I'm partial to the J46-S. It seems to be the right amount of everything. Versatile, simple and great.
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    Bubo hat / Tender shirt / Duke’s belt / old Sauce Zhan tee / new Tender cords / Frank’s boots
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    I second J61-WS, perfect all year round for So-Cal. J54-LP would be my grail, bummed it's never come across my table even as an opportunity to grab. The hood structure and pocket layout are incredible.
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    Some fit pics. Went up a size to factor my concealed carry... Way more comfortable now.
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    It's Officially Batman Day And I to kipok some pictures for the brewery's social media today. And of course I took a few for myself.
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    Been a minute since I've been on here... Had to rebuy one of my favorite pairs of jeans as they were literally starting to fall apart after three years of on and off use. Don't really see myself getting any other kind of jeans., these are a perfect fit for me and material quality is unmatched. IH-777-XHS
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    here you go. I'll try to get some action shots this week!
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    SC work vest white shirt WH 1000XX DSB Sanders

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