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    Did a little backpocket study on my Warehouse jeans the other day. Bit shitty pics but whatever: 1001's 1001XX Inazuma special 800 CL 1003XX 15th anniversary DD-1003SXX 1105 15th anniversary 700C Bonus patch pic
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    ONI 3rd type in vintage California Pique fabric Entry SG SDA t-shirt GBG001 RW
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    Iron heart shirt, sugar cane jeans, new balance shoes
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    The Real Mccoy's / Orslow / Oakstreet Bootmakers
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    FW, Warehouse, Tanuki, Viberg x Division Road
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    Clubmaster, Buco, Triple R's, Superga and Leonard the cat
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    viberg service boots// viberg x iron heart
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    A breast pocket wallet cut and sewn for me by Charlie at Equus Leather. The leather is Haas Barenia. Haas is a French tannery which made Barenia for Hermès (which eventually bought the tannery). Hermès used Barenia in two of their most famous ladies hand bags, the Kelly and the Birkin. It’s soft leather which ages beautifully because of the tanning process but scratches easily. Because it’s heavily oiled, most of the scratches can be rubbed out using finger pressure. This was one of the last pieces of Barenia leather Charlie had; Hermès keeps it close to home since they bought the tannery. Here is a short description of the tanning process. Barenia is double-tanned in chrome and vegetable dyes and then soaked in a mix of 9 different oils over 5 - 6 weeks.
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    Final buy before I start a no buy competition with myself and really try to enjoy what I already own AND get some fades: Samurai type 1 (new), Pike Brothers Shirt and Samurai 510: using iPhone so the colours and exposure are all over (usually looks like at atom bomb has gone off behind me!)
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    The votes are all in, counting is over and the new Champion has won by a clear margin. Once again lots of great entries, incredible photos and some beautifully aged denim, sadly this time there is only one winner. And the winner is............. Spitfiredealer Thank you all for competing and giving your time to this over the last two years. Much love, Mega
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    Gym selfie warning. (Yes I was doing squats and yes my quads are huge because of it. Haha!) Roy Heavy Denim Shirt Vintage Army Sweater Hollows Belt GPWW Role Club
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    Saved in drafts i have an ever increasing list of pre-lawsuit repro's which i scour the interwebz for when i get a spare hour... travelling through denim wormholes along the way... I also have their Lot. numbers and 'translate fuck'ups' ie- those ^^^Buckayro's can not be found by typing 'Buckayro' into Yahoo but 'Backayro' turns up results, as does 'Bakayro' I enjoy the search even though i don't buy much nowadays. I wear a 32" in pretty much all brands albeit loosely so if they do come up small i can still swing a 31" (M41001 and such) If they come up big, i don't fret, i just wear a belt and embrace the looseness. Here's another XX repro from the 90's golden era, Slap Shot in store brand... Scovil hardwear, No arcs, Tab reads 'BEST' There are a number of cuts in the line up.
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    Just back from shopping getting out of Bethnal Green station. And pics of Bethnal Green area. Very trendy these days but growing up it used to be a very dangerous place still is to an extent.
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    These Triple R's are a nice old repro.. Colour is a bit off due to the awful January lighting Coleslaw mentions these RRR's earlier in the thread Only 250 pairs were made back in 1998 so it's surprising that i managed to land a pair in one wash...and lightly worn condition. . Scovil hardwear . . . From the limited information ive gathered.. in 1998 Mr. Kiyofumi Yuta who owned a garment factory in Okayama (years later he went on to make Ark Jeans.. shown below) ...worked with 'Real Jeans' 'Rare Rare Club' & 'Ray Design Unit' to repro the 'Triple R' jeans, hence RRR I sized dowm 1 on these to a 31" and kept my fingers crossed ...which worked out quite well and good job too because beggers can't be choosy Here are some examples of the worn denim ..looks pretty accurate . . fin.
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    X-POST with WAYWT. I'm wearing the Fullcount 1108's. A tad slim on the thighs but oh well
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    Visvim/Fullcount 1108/Visvim @Iron Horse It's god damn sweet. I love everything about this fit. Well done. Mention for the hat and well worn boots
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    scored this week ONI 02527P-PQ 3rd type jacket from vintage 30 years old California Pique fabric. 10 oz perfect for summer. very happy from this acquisition ...
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    I should also add that most of these lesser known, golden era jeans can be had for peanuts if you're prepared to do your homework. There doesn't seem to be much of a market for them inside JP unless they're collectors items with all stickers, booklets, swing tickets still attached. Those RRR's for instance in a lightly worn state were delivered to my door with all fees and shipping taken care of for less than £70 so it's an easy re-sell if the sizing goes a bit askew, not bad for a 1/250 MiJ 90's repro, probably the same price as mass produced high street Levi's.
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    For those interested in some measurements off of a pair of 1880s (34-34):
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    Two pairs of Aihiko jeans from the original R by 45RPM. The Zimbabwe cotton Aihiko jeans are Ai dyed, yarn dipped 24 times, a straight cut with a fairly tight top block. The purple hue of the Aihiko dye is evident in both pairs, softer, more evident in the well worn pair. The pair on the right is O/W which I have yet to wear. The pair on the left has been worn, washed and at some point, the legs were tapered. Both pairs have sterling silver buttons and rivets. I cannot take credit for the well worn pair. I bought them on eBay for $10 US; I couldn’t resist even though I couldn’t fit in a size 32 in my wildest dreams! pocket bags are kinda cool, too