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    Hi! Everyone. The repair work of the campsite I participated in was completed and it was reopened. This is a photo before the reopening. And my contest jeans. It doesn't change much ...
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    Sweeping the deck. papa nui hat, Nigel cabourn shirt, lee pants, vans
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    Jeans after another wash. Wonky lighting and I'm no photographer. Oh well, you get the idea. A few shots side by side with the '50s contest jeans as well for rise and pocket comparison.
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    13 trips through the washer and dryer.
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    Another wash... I got distracted inspecting them close up while they were drying Also some pre-emptive crotch reinforcement...
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    Picked a couple of new Warehouse shirts up recently from Yahoo, really falling for the fit of this 3019 in particular Warehouse / Hollows / TFH / Lofgren
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    Took my Tender and Cushmans to Norfolk to visit the natives:
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    Don’t usually match jawns this way, but thought it’d be fun matching snakeskin Oki patch with the Amiri sneakers •Sugarcane X Begin •Amiri •Equus •Stance •”Los Pollos Hermanos” tees •random tees from @Kinokuniya Bookstore
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    So happy to hear things are recovering, @volvo240thebest. We just got back from a small road trip through the Berkshires. We saw some historical sites, hiked and enjoyed the beautiful spring. It was originally intended as a motorcycle trip, but bad weather and worse luck left us with the truck. It was still a wonderful trip. In order: W.E.B. Du Bois Homesite - Great Barrington, MA The Mount (Edith Wharton home and gardens) - Lenox, MA Twin Pond via Taconic Crest Trail - Pittsfield, MA
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    While I'm at it, here are some photos of my own pair of Cross Weave 136s, worn from Unborn over the past two and a half years:
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    Hope everyone are staying safe! Sorry bout the lack of updates from my part. Was getting some loose threads at the crotch so I held up wearing them until I found my sawing kit (I’ve recently moved and a lot is still in boxes so it took a while). Finished: Just got back a positive COVID test today, feeling ok though I guess. On a lighter note first really warm day here in Lidköping, Sweden and the trees are staring to bloom.
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    Thought the khaki colour would be a little hard to wear and I hate having items of clothing that I feel I can only wear with certain things .... so I dyed them black I'm wearing them with the 50's warehouse 25th , I'm not entirely used to the double cuff but I've hemmed the 46 to wear with no cuff so I think ill keep these as they are for now ( maybe the cuff will grow on me
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    I thought i had lost this jacket. I’m not a huge fan of the brand but this indigo wool jacket is pretty great still. Poten Apolis chore jacket Merz T-shirt Sugar Cane 1947 all time high socks buzz rickson sneakers
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    Hey guys, I’ve opened up pre-orders on my new Bantam short-sleeve work shirt in 5 oz. Japanese selvedge cotton-linen chambray in both indigo and ecru version: https://the-rite-stuff.com/ The ecru version is arriving a bit later because the mill will have to specially make more of this fabric for me, perhaps those down under won’t mind though! Although the Bantam is 1930s in styling, short-sleeve work shirts were not generally sold before the post-WWII, unless marketed as sport shirts with sport collars, so if guys wanted a short sleeve they would cut down a long sleeve: A slightly lower back yoke this time, based on a 1920s catalog I have: The acorn pockets are often thought of as a later Lee invention but I’ve found examples from 1920s catalogs of this pocket shape. That said, Lee did popularize them with the Chetopa shirt: 1937: Star-pattern urea buttons, made in Japan, are based on 1920s originals: Original button on a 1940s Tuf Nut shirt I have:
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    Battenwear / Feltraiger / J Crew / Warehouse 1001xx / Viberg
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    Sugarcane X Begin W36 They’re the most unique denim pair I’ve ever had … & I’ve had a few through the years. Thank U @julian-wolf After a couple of days wear, they’ve softened & stretched out. I just love the indigo hues … & how loose x loungy they’ve become … my denim Skittles
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    Nothing new , just a bump for the thread
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    duck digger 1003SXX a couple days after wash numero uno
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    WTS P27h-DS size S $800 SOLD J38-lp size s $1800 P26-s size s RAF $600 (not full pack) J62-pb size xs $800 J1a-gtkp size xs $1300
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    Vintage short sleeve sweat Levis 501 STF Vintage Shell Longwings Timex Mural by Matt Pennetti for Skeleton Key Brewery https://instagram.com/uhoh_pennetti_ohs?igshid=y068k3m8to37 The jeans were labeled black / neon pink but in reality they have an inky indigo warp with pink weft. Reminds me of my old Julian Red Nikki Sixx jeans. Gave them a long hot soak before worn to dry. Added some pre and post soak pics. Lost at least 2 inches in length and the top block tightened up quite a bit.
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    こんにちは 日本からの先輩 二度目の洗濯をしました ひざ周りが白くなった I'm fine
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    Great outfit @AlientoyWorkmachine, and thank you or noticing the photo shoots! I don't do much photography myself these days, but I've always loved it as a medium, and I have a really good relationship with the photographer who's shot the past 7 years or so's worth of seasons. We always try to do something interesting with the equipment and film, as well as locations and compositions. It's one of my favourite parts of the process :-) Speaking of Cross Weave denim, over the past few weeks I've been getting some very-long-delayed 19oz Cross Weave jeans in stock. These were cut out in 2018, but only just got made- the cut fabric has been sitting at the factory for nearly three years... I think they're worth the wait, though, they've come out really nicely. Here are some closeups of a pair of walnut dyed 132s: The Cross Weave fabric is a pretty simple idea, but I've not seen it done before. Normal denim is an indigo warp (up/down) and a white weft (side/side), and normal jeans are cut along the length of the fabric (which is why eg the selvage of the fabric runs up the leg). With Cross Weave denim the warp is ecru (a very substantial canvas weight unbleached and un-shrunk cotton) and the weft is the Japanese-spun and rope-dyed indigo cotton that's used as the warp in standard Tender denim. Looking at the fabric on a roll, the twill is woven at quite an oblique angle, and it's a left hand twill. The jeans, however, are cut across the fabric, ie at 90 degrees from normal, so the twill becomes much more normal looking, and it's a right hand twill. I wasn't sure if this would work as a normal right hand twill, but it does! This isn't the most convincing photo, but you can see that there's a pretty definite clockwise twist (especially noticeable on the left leg in this photo), which means the rotated-left-hand-twill is indeed twisting like a normal right hand twill: These jeans are cut without a side seam, but other than that are the standard jeans patterns and spec.
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    Nothing better than beat to hell vans and a beat up Jacket. Patiently waiting for my 40s to get thrashed!!