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    Surplus , edwin, North Sea clothing, atlast co., red wing
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    Buzz/vintage/engineered garments/ hoggs/ mephisto/ seiko
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    A quick update before third wash. These haven't seen as much wear as they might have, because after exchanging the 33s when they were too small, I lost lots of weight and now the 34s are too big in the waist. But with the contest nearing the finish line and having acquired a decent belt, I've been inspired to stick with them again.
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    Quickly the Jamieson's became my favourite sweater. The cold weather helps a lot This time with my 66XX (Shins).
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    In the spirit of trying to make this a bit more bloggy than the everyday denim update - a rainy and nice and chilly 10c afternoon walk with pup, just outside our neighborhood.
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    Just for you @Dr_Heech. Channeling my inner 2010er Sufu-WAYWT Buzz - Merz - Denime 1951 - Chuck 70s
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    hello beautiful people! I'm sorry for being very badly MIA during the last six months. Life hasn't been very kind to myself to put it mildly. My main job has become so stressful to put a dent or (or three) on my mental stability, and this made me, off all things, gain weight again, and loose interest in clothes. I think I may be ready for a no buy 2022 (unless I keep gaining weight!). I can still fit the jeans but truth be told now they're not much comfortable anymore so I don't wear them everyday. I'll try and find time to dremel the jeans and take a few pics of the jeans in the next weeks ; ) Very glad to see so many beautiful fades out there. Special mention to @Jared_Lee whose pair looks and fits fantastic.
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    Ok @UkeNo…… drumroll….. the best gift ever! here are pics from my IG and a few extras…
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    Denim updates, both fit and fabric. TCB has these spurts to its fabric aging. Six month and one year tend to mark a rapid progression in tonal shift and wear for me, both in the '50s and these S40s. Lovely jeans all around.
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    One for @scooby - buffalo strap with lambskin panels/overlays, and vintage glass in sapphire, montana blue and crystal - a bit of burnishing to do then it’ll be on its way
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    the angle makes the s40s look slimmer than they are.. stussy, gildan, tcb, rw
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    Buzz/buzz/real McCoy/visvim/braun
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    grandma made Cap wife made scarf grandpas vintage Shirt tcb s40s rw lineman Mammut techwear over everything
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    I'm still out here wearing the 40s - not a lot of time to take pictures of myself/jeans though. Love the jeans.
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    Nobody reads the bike thread so... back to the 90's My bikes recent upgrades.. Sat on Rat Trap Pass Extralights Remember that stem i de-ano'd recently? +Onza Porcipaws, Paul's Love Levers, Dura-Ace shifters on Paul's Thumbies, X-Lite Stem Cap and Spacers Those Ultradynamico's i got for Christmas NOS XTR M952 (period correct) front and rear derailleur from Yahoo Auctions Mavic's on Chris King Hubs ..and a huge thanks to @beautiful_FrEaK for acting as my Eu proxy service (and the chocolate) since most European bike shops stopped shipping to the UK Those Paul's Klampers Tilmann ..still got to sort the crank out and i'll call it a day
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    After seeing the upcoming Warehouses 201 repro, I became nostalgic for the LVC pair I bought in 1999. I’m confident that most LVC pants at the time were being sold for $150 at the Antique Boutique in NYC. This 201 repro however was the first I saw that it was more, but I can’t remember if it was $175 or $200. Funny, but I can remember the ‘oldest pair’ sold for $225. Anyways, here are some photos of one of my favorite pairs of jeans.
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    @Cold Summer Thanks Kyle! Yes I lost some weight (but put back on a lot after pregnancy of my wife and having a boy now). The 1951 is a nice pair. It's W34 but fits a bit bigger in the waist than my 1952 10th Anniversary for example. I think a classic pair of Denime XX would suit you just fine! At least better than Resolute 711 From today
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    When you are wearing (lightly) faded jeans to work and your colleagues ask you if you have a new pair since you usually wear "those dark blue" jeans...it says a lot about your fading abilities (or lack of). In other news, we got this nice greeting card from the colleagues of my wife for the birth of our son. Somebody added 2+2...
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    Hello everybody! here is a little update after a wash and a few repairs. They have retired from being work jeans and are now my lounging about at home jeans.
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    Three Piece SuFu Tux Chicago Stone Cutters jacket (last wear, it's going to a new home this week) Vintage Wrangler Vintage belt 501 Polo Nettleton Safety toe
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    Bicycle overload. made the frame,rack,fork,stem and sourced the parts. Paul clampers, white industries crank, brooks saddle, Thomson seat post, hope rear hub, son dynamo front hub. now to decide on paint.
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    Patagonia/allsaints/Maude Nibelungen (no vis)/west ride/mephisto/zodiac