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    Took some photos last week of my old lot 401 Hawaii Indirect natural light—color is pretty true
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    I like myself better in simple outfits...less chance to do it wrong
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    MF Continental Sportcoat // MF Sportman Shirt // MF lot 74 // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    wearing the warehouse chambray i just picked up this week with my buzz rickson chinos and a whitesville tee.
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    Runabout Jacket Thrifted Hawaiian shirt Warehouse triple stritch cowboy Keen
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    Starting to see some nice wear on the '51 601xx Really like these jeans a lot
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    … and the front piece is finished barring some polishing:
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    feel like I am spamming their ig feed onto the board, so forgive me, but this was image hidden in the 'loom visit' post recently... been looking for a heavier weight '37 cut...
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    thanks for the link @sven 20s def. wider through the whole leg than the 50s... def. wondering about the '37 shape they will do... the lvc '37 is quite trim [and the denim, whilst lovely is a tad to thin for my liking for such a slimmer fit] as I think is the warehouse model [which has chunkier fabric nonetheless] ... as a standard, I liked the fit, cut and top block of the sugar cane '37 model that @JMS posted in that thread very much ... in terms of back pockets they [tcb] look to be doing that nicely; to repost from the blog and to compare to other comparable models: sugar cane's current m.i.a. version... warehouse dd-1004 [which seem to be going full csf-style in terms of 'tulip' waist band area, and the angle of the pocket] then the full count version... [cutting out hissing at the back...] and then the original piece TCB are drawing from again:
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    Temperatures way above 30 °C but I have to wear long pants at work so...
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    There's a bunch of info on the upcoming 37 model on their blog now.
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    Three generations of Chippewa “engineer” boots. Left to right: worn 8-10 years before transitioning to yard work / current main boots, worn about 6 years / “new” ones (via EBay) waiting in the wings to replace the current boots.
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    Some new 3a-1 colorways are up and other 3a's. (Mp1, 3a5, and 3a-2)
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    good evening fellow sufu goers, i'm on the lookout for a size small j1a-lp to purchase. condition does not matter as i'm a procurer of cooked goods. alternatively, will possibly trade a well worn small pleather sleeve e-j1a for an equally well worn small j1a-lp.
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    Pre-orders available probaby from Saturday on, release in August/September according to Ryo
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    hi sufu. it’s been a while D5602 with some wear on it
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    Haven't posted all that much lately so here is more of the same Warehouse sweat Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Jordan 1
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    My wife likes that I wear all these repro cuts with diaper butt because now no women will me checking out my ass…..
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    @Duke Mantee Yeah, I should have listen to Broark on that recommendation. When I checked the waist measurements for the 601rb in 34, they seemed pretty small at 85cm as compared to my 601 1951's but mirror balls measurements seem to run smaller than other places. I think I'll opt for that 34 and test that out, luckily the yen is a little low right now so not too big of a mistake. @bartlebyyphonics In a lot of our family pictures, I realize that my Grandpa had diaper butts in all of them, but he was an old school cattle rancher! One of these days I'll muster the courage...
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    … and a further update (still wet)
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    A plain strap for @Low Key who wanted a belt similar to a model made by SdA. This has a cast brass buckle to match hardware he’s specified for other clothing he has and the strap is a Metropolitan bridle leather which he chose over the Sedgwick bridle - I think because this was struck through and has, initially, a little bit more surface grain (albeit there were many other options). I’ve edged front and backside of the strap, finished those edges with Tokonole and given the whole strap a good coat of conditioner.
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    1966 2 month update. As you can see they have been washed a few times. I’ve been out backpacking around central and southern Europe with a friend which apparently makes your clothes become dirty really quickly, hence the frequent washing. I’d say my iphone captured the color pretty well, they are a bit less purple in real life. The fit and details are just lovely on these.
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    Shrunk down a pair of M41119 yesterday that I'd had in my closet for a while, and I'm wearing them now for the first time. I was expecting them to be pretty similar to the M41200 that I've been wearing for the last few years, but with details more reminiscent of the early '50s. They're not—pretty much everything besides the fabric is different. The legs are still very full, but the cut is slimmer and shallower up top, and it feels very much like what I've come to think of as a '50s-style cut. I like them a lot. I'm not sure how much day-to-day wear they'll see (I'm still mostly caught up in the 1001xx DSB and the '51 601xx), but I'm planning on transitioning them in as my climbing pants since they offer a completely unrestricted range of motion and since the M41200 that I've been using are starting to wear thin in a few places. It shouldn't take long for them to start showing some good wear. Also shown: Stevenson, Russell

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