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    FW Kerouac ‘Paradise’ ; FW Lot 506XX 1927 ; FW Conductor ; Tender ; FW Lot 601XX 1922 ; White’s
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    Took a Texas road trip to Alpine, Marfa, Terlingua, and Big Bend National Park. We made friends with the cat that was outside our air b&b, visited Prada Marfa, a tiny Target in Marathon, and even made it down to the Rio Grande. We were even lead by a roadrunner for about 5 minutes of our hike on the Lost Mine Trail. I can’t wait to go back and do some more exploring.
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    The weather here continues to be relatively jean-friendly. Going to try for a month of wear before soaking. Not sure why the pics are blurry. They're a bit better on this side...
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    Some of you guys know, for others this is probably new. I work as a quality manager at a fruit juice producing factory. Now is apple season and that is our primary product. A little insight what's going on inside. Apples are unloaded and stored in these silos From there they are transported with water to the sorting table There are 3 washing steps before they arrive at the sorting table where you pick the bad ones. These are currently wild apples and they usually look a little bit less nice than table apples we also process. From there apples go into the mill to be turned into mash This mash is then pressed and we obtain the juice. We have three types of presses, these are big ones. On press can be loaded with 20 tonnes of mash.
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    We took the Little Fiat out yesterday... ...and went to the Zoo. there should be more pics of beavers out there!
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    On that moving vibe. Feeling the tides of great change!
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    FInal fit for my one wash after a hot soak Would have preferred a little bit more wide but that's fine
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    Last man standing at the office. Have a deadline tomorrow so no play for me today. 40's X Lofgren
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    Week three And a much stronger backalley waywt, school day 1
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    Offloading (part of) this summer's yard work trash! Almost week three guys and gals!
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    daily walk with the dog (no cats at home! )
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    Too smoky to really go outside so why bother putting on shoes SdA / Hollows / Cane's / Birks
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    I just knew that some of the windmills are still active and producing flour (not the windmill in the picture above) And there is an (amazing) Japanese guy in Schiedam doing his magic that turns the flour from the local windmill into an amazing bowl of ramen
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    og mf cali. 12 oz cone iirc. they keep changing the graphics, material and position of the leather patch and size tag (sometimes no graphics at all), i still think this is the best combo.
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    plebs' sugar cane. hawaii. about 10 years. bought raw. pretty, tiny selvedge peekaboo i've always thought sc has some of the thinnest, beautiful hemfold all the hair is gone from the patch. on my pair happened quite early in its life. always surprised to see well-worn hawaiis with still hirsute patch. #teamshadowcombs
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    Note: No actual cat was harmed in the snapping of this photo...
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    Atlastco lot 161 , 2 yrs of wear. repaired a pocket back, a button came of, button hole about to wear thru.
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    after 5 days of wearing those I think that sizing tts was a good idea as waist stretches like crazy. denim seems to be good, fit needs some getting used to
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    You’d think I’d have known better by now.
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    Blowing a gale outside, but a least it’s not raining. So all I can oblige is an indoor shot - FW 20’s tux and tee, White’s boots fresh from sunny Italy thanks to @volvo240thebest ... I got them free with one of his CDs I’m still arsing about with cuffs - will I won’t I and if I do what size. Fashion is so stressful.