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    Warehouse 2001XX I bought 2 of these on the same day (couldn't choose between them) this 506XX and a S506 which i sold on to Bobo Pre-wash . Post-wash . . .
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    Here's a little flick-book of my 46's, cradle to grave over 3yrs These were only worn for a few hours each day, in the evenings while i was wearing my other CSF 46's for work. . . . . . . ...from the back . . . . . . . . R.I.P
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    I should probably apologise for all the money ive cost you Ryan.. Here's a fit pic of the 47's
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    My 'work uniform' from last year.. Warehouse 2001XX SC47's (2004era) In shade Direct sunlight
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    Ues jacket, Real McCoy's hoodie, Samurai jeans, New Balance
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    Blue Monday Levi's indigo dyed sweater GBG001 Veja V-12
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    Home renovation makes small progress. New floor is in. And the jeans are dry now.
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    From a few days ago, headed out of town for Thanksgiving. TCB 50's jacket. Warehouse sweat. Roy Test Lot jeans. John Lofgren Combat boots. Ooe Yofukuten tote. Mexican Coke.
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    Quick pics of the S506 I got from Neil some time ago. Not that much wear yet.
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    This is a bit of a cross post from the contest submission thread, but I'll post more shots here. I've worn these CSF 1937's for two years straight, which I think is the longest I have ever consistently worn one pair of jeans. They still haven't been worn all that much because I wear other trousers and chinos a lot and I can't wear them at work. They need repairs right now and there are a fair amount of broken threads, but I feel that they have held up fairly well. If I had washed them more and if I wasn't so overweight while wearing them, the crotch would likely have held up much better. At my current weight/where my weight is heading, this should be less of an issue in the future. They've been washed 4 or 5 times now, but obviously I should have washed them a lot more than that by now, even with my inconsistent wear. I'm not one of those people who thinks you should never wash your jeans, I just get lazy about it. The 11oz (pre-soak) fabric is great for Cali weather and wearing a normal weight fabric almost feels a little strange now. The cut and the light fabric means the combs are weak, but my extra weight during most of my time wearing these resulted in some pretty good whiskers IMO. These obviously are not as beautifully fades as many other examples, but I'm pretty happy with them so far. I'm not sure if I'm going to wear them consistently after the repairs are done or if I make them a summer pair, but either way, they will still be worn.
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    Oh yeah, here's pics of my '76s. Haven't worn them in a long time, mostly because I need to fix the inseam around the hem as well as reinforce some of the fabric around the seat. I kinda hate the phone and wallet fade that developed, which is why I no longer sit with my phone in my pocket (to avoid the sharp corners rubbing too much) and use a "normal" bifold wallet sans concho.
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    And here are the RS01SAIL jeans, going to give them a machine wash to get all the shrinkage out. Olive is a fan. This patch is a vintage sail cloth made by Cone that has been washed a lot, the selvedge ID is really far offset. For the production run of the fabric they made the selvedge closer to the edge, the pocket bags are made of the production run of this fabric. The indigo patches are fabric made by Rowland Ricketts, dyed with the indigo he grew.
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    WTS J1A-GT 2.0 Size S SOLD P23TS-CH Black Size S $950
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    Thanks for your patience everyone, with the trip and Thanksgiving it's been a very busy week. My girlfriend and I went out to the Bay Area for the Mega Self Edge party (she was such a trooper for putting up with all my denim stuff all weekend), before we went out there I had sent Roy a note that I was going to be in town if he wanted to meet up and he agreed. The night of the party we walked down to the new shop I saw Roy was there, went up to him and told him who I was he was like "what happened to you?! I thought we were supposed to hang out!" but we had only gotten in late the night before. So we decided to meet up the next afternoon at this workshop. We ended up hanging out there for about three hours, talking about: denim and vintage sewing machines, denim experts and historians and all their claims of knowledge as fact, baseball and how much San Francisco Giants fans hate Mark Melancon (as a Braves fan I had no idea what we got ourselves into...), Coach Orgeron and how terrifying he seemingly is, fashion and how it's mostly marketing at the end of the day, living a simple life, learning from trial and error, how Roy didn't used to have a bunch of Roy jeans and now he's made himself a ton out of all these small sample rolls of different fabrics he has laying around, stretching unsanforized fabrics out pre-soak and then grading the denim based on shrinkage and stretch percentage for different parts of the jeans (this was ingenious actually, but very time consuming and wouldn't make sense for a production run of jeans but he did it on a pair of his own and they fit him just the way he likes), how he has stopped so many projects halfway through because he wasn't happy with it for some reason or another, how he feels like he needs to love what he makes because you can't make everyone happy but if he's happy with it then he knows at least one person is happy, how sad he is that Cone has closed and how the bounce of their wooden floors is what really made their denim special, how he made 150 pairs of jeans in a 34 day timespan working 16 hour days, meeting different denim people like Ono-san (rebuilt.jp on Instagram, works for YM Factory) and how when he met Roy and looked at his machines he was amazed at how wrong Roy was using all his different machines. Sorry for rambling, but our conversations was all over the place and I figured the best way to get it all out is to just put it out there how I remember. Here's some photos, I could've spent all day just taking photos of all the notes he's made to himself and drawings all over the place. The lighting in his workshop is really amazing. Roy actually showed us how the free-hand embroidering Singer works and it's pretty incredible. He pumps the base with his foot and maintains the width of the stitch with a lever controlled by his knee. He said this might be the most time consuming process out of everything else. This is a small roll of indigo dyed duck canvas from Cone. The interesting thing is that it wasn't dyed by Cone, but another company afterwards that is out of business. Later Cone tried to develop the same fabric and dye it themselves but it wasn't the same. You'll see it used by Rouge Territory, Tellason, Left Field and other brands, but it just wasn't as good as this stuff. The selvedge ID looks like a wabash stripe. He was going to make a shirt out of this stuff at one point, but I don't think he had enough fabric and the dying company closed long before Cone shut their doors. This is a pair of left hand twill jeans Roy made for himself where he experimented with the stretching and shrinking of different panels of fabric to get the shrinkage under control. He would take the waistband pieces, stretch them over time and measure how much they would stretch before sewing, and then calculate the shrinkage based on a swatch of the fabric. This in a sense is like sanforizing the fabric almost, but without making it lose all it's depth and interesting features. I think this fabric was made by Collect, but it looks a lot like Sugar Cane's 50/50 blend fabric. Thanks for reading, it was pretty amazing to see the place where all these jeans and shirts I've had over all these years are made. I look forward to the day when I can come back out to Oakland and meet up with Roy and talk for a few hours.
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    Buckle up for a short(-ish) representation of a long journey How many photos is max per post? We'll find out... With my Pointer Brand Chore Coat that made the same 2-year journey: First gettin' dirty in Montana: Causin' trouble somewhere in Kentucky: Crackin' into some brews in North Carolina Levitating somewhere in Alabama Lookin' pretty in Arkansas Soarin' in Chattanooga, Tennessee!! Just a little lost, somewhere in Nashville Over a creek in Virginia (first time I saw some real evo!) En route from one place to another ... not sure where A mermaid I fell in love with in Florida Kayakin' with alligators and manatees in Blue Springs State Park, Florida Almost home at a truck stop in Montana Finally home, among my mountains Bein' a goof around my hometown Jeans lookin' JUICY after about a year and some change: A costume I wore in one of my last shows of college Start of the next tour! This one all over Montana Flyin' in Sidney, MT After exploring Makoshika State Park in eastern MT Hugging one of the 4,800+ students who I performed for over three months: If you made it this far, thanks for reading! This has been an incredible, formative, challenging and rewarding two years. I'm so grateful for my jeans, which have saved me from nasty bike wrecks, a piping-hot americano spill, and all kinds of frigid weather up here. Cheers friends
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    In a rural area of North Carolina Vintage Harley Davidson hat Five Brother hoodie flannel Trophy 1607 Bh Oxford
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    WTS P10A-E, medium, black, 9.5/10 with zip and sheet, $1050 invoiced with conus shipping.
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    ...and this is how they both looked in Jan, 2016
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    dudewuttheheck, USA, Conners Sewing Factory/One Piece of Rock 1937 model size 36 I have absolutely no shot of winning. These were pretty much the only blue jeans that I have worn over these past two years, but I wear a lot of trousers, chinos, non-indigo jeans, etc. All the entries I've seen so far deserve the title more than me, but I am still really glad to have participated in this. The jeans need some repairs now, but I will continue wearing them for at least another year or two, maybe more. This is the lightest denim fabric I've worn at 11oz pre-soak and this was great for socal summers. I love these jeans. Initial shots: Wearing these jeans for two years straight means that I got to create a lot of memories in them, but the standout was wearing them in Japan. These were the jeans I wore when going back to see Konaka-San from CSF again. Wearing these in the workshop they were made in with the man who made them was pretty special. Progress Shots: Most recent outfit shots with these jeans, before their final wash: Final pics after the final wash:
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    Hello friends! Two years, wow. Much has happened. So so so much has happened. Username: hudsonjames Country: The US of A Jeans: Sage 5th Chieftains, 18oz, unsanforized, Indonesian made These pants have been on quite a ride: - Two professional theatre tours - one national, one across Montana - The rehearsal process of seven separate shows - Actually worn on-stage as part of a costume for two shows - The birth of my best friend's child - The completion of my college education All along the way I've been snapping pics, and there are so f*cking many that I love. BUT, not everybody has time for that (even though it's part of it!), so first, here's just the beginning, and the end: Before the Fades Pocket Candy & Patch Initial fit (pre-soak, b/c unsanforized) After the Fades: I (foolishly) decided to take on all the repairs myself, here's the crotch after six (!) separate sashiko repairs: This is the current state of the right knee, with a repaired blow-out (after a bicycle wreck) and a new tear right above it (of course) Now for the juicy detail shots, including coin and back pockets, and Sage's lovely custom hardware: (See both the hidden and stealth arcuates? One is in dark blue, another is between the pocket denim and the pocket bag, hence that fade) Now, if you know anything about me, it's that I love action shots. These jeans are no exception. Check my post (below) for all that business.
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    Got blue? Yes. This is LVC 55' in 32 X 34. Slowly fading, regular washes and tumbled a 2-3times. Must say very comfy indeed. The inseam shrank to around 80 so very ivy-fit on me.