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    I simply couldn't pass these up when they showed on Yahoo Auction. BNWT, with the D-HG-1118 tag in the chest pocket. So these were made before 1998. More pictures to come with natural light.
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    A marked absence of the color blue. Black Sign MF FW Penahaus
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    Ooe / Ooe x Bandanna Almanac / Viberg
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    Weekend walks to the market w/ my mini-me. Blluemade Linen Cap Full Count Western 3sixteen Pima Tee Warehouse 900xx Ecru DSPTCH Tote Vans DX Slip Ons
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    Phigvel phigvel phigvel red wing coffee
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    Lazy day. Wool Fishermans Cap Future Monsters Horror tee Vintage belt Made in USA 501 STF (my favorite vintage pair) VANS
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    Runabout jacket Vintage FW shirt from @Duke Mantee FW s601xx Nicks moc toe
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    Here’s a couple of 661xx 56’ fit pictures. Tag 33, hemmed to 30” inseam. Take these with a pinch of salt - the photographer comes with the house, so it is what it is Also, just washed and not looking quite right here. They’re a little slim but not to the extent they seem in these pictures. Drapes not quite right as the fabrics stiff from the wash too. normally they’d be cuffed about 1.5” as well. This has them sitting above the shoe. anyway…also featuring size 42 sweat
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    Received my 220 today and I am impatient to start wearing them. @beautiful_FrEaK my pair is also two-tone lol
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    Maryam horsebutt tote I made for myself.
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    And the last - for today at least … a 3rd belt for my pal @Broark He took a liking to a Warehouse suede belt, which (in true Fast Show style) was nice, but this is roughout (has grain) not suede (has no grain) and has a wee bonus silver coin
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    The 44 are from S/S and have olive herringbone pockets and the 45 are from F/W and have buffalo plaid flannel pockets.
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    I think that Kiddie Cat maybe is not doing him good design wise. All these wack overpriced sunglasses he is wearing and even worse are those ugly ass Balenciaga shoes with those outfits. I loved when they wear dirty Vans, techy Nikes or whatever. But those outfits mixed with weak ass high fashion shoes and jewellery just don’t get me. Sorry. Some items are still good though.
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    … and a third for @Low Key - simple affair in russet 9-11oz harness (1 ¾” width) with a nickel plated Japanese brass buckle and matching chicago screws
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    Why yes it is. Note the heart patch on Dizzy’s jeans, too:
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    Another for @Low Key - bridle leather in a lovely satchel tan colour with a variation of a design from my own belt - the swirling logs (swastikas) were potentially a step too far so I’ve remade the pattern and incorporated a thunderbird symbol. The buckle steel and studs are nickel plated steel
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    A ‘Woodstock’ belt made from 9oz bridle leather for @sparecutter on IG - the lettering is bookended by starbursts with chinese turquoise gemstones in the centre
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    One for a friend of a friend … the mighty Rob Peru on IG. This is a 12oz (5mm thick) harness leather with a solid brass buckle I’ve stripped back and rubbed down to give it a matte finish … both leather and brass will patina quite significantly - oh and held together with solid copper saddlers rivets
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    Wearing these Original Line XX (size 36) feels like wearing a low rise after the Lot.220
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    Levis 517 Rest in peace Jonathan
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    Can’t remember which retailer it was:
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    El Americano trousers. Three or four machine washes in a few years of occasional wear.
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    Think these old 1003xx have gotten some wear since I last logged in here. Really enjoy these.
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    New vest in duck looking very nice... to be released at Inspiration LA 7th to 8th April - I think @CSL raised this earlier
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    Johanna Schneider was a huge loss and I don t see any new one as good as her that came in.

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