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    my mum comes from a family of batik makers up to the 80s. still remember playing near the dyeing pools and being chased away coz kids do fall into them (quite deep) and there were many horror stories to scare us kids of indigo dyed baby ghosts. here's a sarong i was given for my circumcision ceremony. i actually wore it as i had my foreskin chopped off by a "bong supit" at home. it's made from batik tulis, literally "hand-written batik", aka hand-drawn. from one of the last production from my mum's company in solo, central java. the city has one of the two major remaining javanese royal houses (the other being jogja two hours away, where my dad is from) but they would like to think they're the more refined and rarefied. the company went bankrupt because of the proliferation of batik cap (stamped batik using copper stamps) and batik print (self-explanatory). close up of the pattern on my circumcision sarong. the "negative" patterns are "written" into the cotton cloth by hand using a "canting" pen that discharges hot wax that quickly cools. the cloth is then dyed leaving the areas beneath the wax uncoloured. then you can put more patterns in, redye the cloth with other colours, you can go on endlessly (not gonna go on here, you can look it up on youtube – edit: just got around to watch the video @unders posted, it's all there! ). this cloth is at least 35 years old. the actual cloth, when it hasn't been made into a garment, comes in large rectangular shaped fabric (forgot the dimension). you buy it wrapped long like this in batik market. this is another batik tulis cloth, a "batik lawasan" (hand-me-down) from my late grandmother. insanely expensive. let's just say way more than a csf tuxedo, this one would be around 40 years old. close up of the pattern on the lawasan. close up on another lawasan, also around 40 years old. the same flower but not quite the same (see the dotted edges of the petals). isn't that what we just love here, same thing but not quite the same. and yes it's selvedge. that's why i can never quite bring myself to wear wabash bcoz pffft so primitive. it used to be in my bucket list to send some batik to kuniyoshi-san to be used as pocket bags on a custom order. oh well.
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    More on topic today... Eternal / Resolute / Tricker's x The Bureau
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    You wouldn't know it, but I'm smiling real big glasses, mask, Kapital, Deluxeware, TFH, TFH, dinner
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    FH 3005, homemade mask courtesy of the wife, dog
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    Same lake, different outfit papa nui / flat head / sda
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    Knickerbocker mfg cap, raybans, indigofera, tender, gbg, rw
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    Great progress there! Went on a little walk some days ago. Started in this small, pittoresque village which is also a healt resort. First views when leaving the village Over fields Passing a small church Perfect place for a small snack, best part of a walk Passing the backside of the church of our walk back This house is called the Swiss House A glimpse of the castle which is in the village Arrived back at the village directly at the castle. It's still inhabited by the family Fürstenberg
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    Hemmed / lightly-used SC40510 Just Drift With Groove They're actually a size too big for me, and I'm likely going to end up selling them off sooner rather than later, but I had always wanted to see a pair of these in person and there was no way I was gonna pass up on the opportunity. If you think you might be interested, let me know—happy to provide measurements, etc., on request.
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    XX-019-BB I wore these very sparingly for over a year. Decided they needed a wash so wore them for a month at work and god dam did they fade quick.
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    I guess one of my housemates got a new plant Tender / Gustin / Hollows / Flat Head / Birks
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    Did a little woodworking lately, so I had to wash them to get the sawdust out. Comparison to relatively plain SdA 102.
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    Haven't worn these in a long time. Coffee, random T, sda202, birks
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    FC0105xx, ralph, jlc, drake's, 986
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    t-shirt, shirt, hoodie and jacket - 0 C/ 32 F today. we had warmer winter days photo from yesterday - we had some sun, but still cold as fuck ck, velva sheen, gbg, yuks
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    Freewheelers Brakeman Coat, Horsehide, Canyon Brown #1531004
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    jacket vest and shirt jacket I sold last year db tour jeans
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    Hardware closeups/faux-macro. Indoor lighting to everything is a bit off, didn't know my phone could zoom in this far. Also at first I was not a fan of the buttons on these compared to the older pairs I have. But they're aging nicely.
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    Posted a similar pic on denimbro a while back but cant find it This was my first home as a kid , a small 2 bed semi in north belfast . I was born in 1988 and my family lived here until 97 . The house didn't have central heating , only a coal fire in the sitting room ... I can still remember the condensation freezing on the inside of the windows in winter , plenty of happy memories though
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    Jeans shirt and loafers. Tcb 60s, drake's, 986!
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    Current rotation: Realised that I like my cinch-backs.
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    Following 00’s lead and supporting local businesses, although at slightly higher London prices - £30 for a 5L mini-keg, direct from the brewery. I’m looking forward to the school bell this afternoon!
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    Two new pairs to add to the collection, better photos forthcoming (The BEGIN collab is actually a size too big, and will likely end up getting resold after I take some photos—I just really, really wanted the chance to see them in person)
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    found out about keith lo bue/the well-dressed head from @MJF9 on the first page of this thread. peruse of his etsy, fb page and cap department fb group led to uncontrollable desire to click add to cart even though i rarely wear anything on my head except a mullet. thanks @MJF9! XD decided to get something plain and basic, this "clover" (lo bue gives his creations names) newsboy cap in what i think is quite plain understated tweed, with grandiose plans to order other more customised caps in the future (almost everything is customisable), since decimated by corona. i even counterintuitively refused to order this four-panel newsboy (like the one the duke posted above and unlike the usual 8- or 6-panels) in patterned fabric and play around with pattern matching/arrangement (mild regret). the only thing that was custom on this one is the liner and the size. i've loved it so far, though it can get a bit hot in the tropics. it's like the cap equivalent of good denim, i keep finding new things about it to look at, caress, fondle, sometimes even wear! he does offer thai linen and hemp straw that would be cooler. most of the deets are the same as @MJF9's l'aronde you can just read his specs desc. also the customer service was genco/masuya/psa-level! with the capkeeper in. my corona werk station.