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    Probably my best summer jeans right now, Resolute 711
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    S series tux has landed, both received raw. I'll put them through the wash today and report back with post-wash measurements. Agree with what Duke mentioned before, the color / hand feel is much different (at least when raw) compared to my 601xx 1943 jeans. These feel a lot more grainy and have a more noticeable slub / irregular hand by comparison. Of course the rivets are as sharp as ever. I can see this possibly being an issue with the cinch on the jacket, I'll likely hammer them down so they don't puncture my car seats. Here are some photos and measurements for both in their current state. S601xx jeans, size 36, raw. Waist: 37.5 in. Front rise: 14 in. Back rise: 19.5 in. (yes, it is that high!) Thigh: 14.25 in. Knee: 11 in. Hem: 9.75 in. Inseam: 34 in. (Thanks to Edwin's grandma for the aftermarket pockets!) S506xx jacket, size 46, raw. Chest: 24.75 in. Shoulders: 21 in. Sleeves: 26.5 in. Body length: 26 in.
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    I scored some interesting 501s from eBay and they look to be some of the first small e 501s produced. The care instructions are printed on the pocket bags but there’s a small e. They must be some kind of transition model made around 72/73. It’s got a 6 button, single stitch, and the last bit of yellow thread near the coin pocket. Other than the missing patch and the hem (26in inseam…) the condition is amazing.
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    I haven’t seen too many P34-DS pictures so here are a couple quick ones. I had the P34-S in small/rad for a good while, but outgrew them (they also shrink in the wash fwiw). These are a medium, I could have gotten away with a small but I like the baggier and looser fit. The added stretch from the DS is a welcome addition, which is the main and pretty much only difference from the stotz and epic versions. I still prefer stotz for its structure and feel, but the easy cleaning/maintenance of DS trumps that in my current life stage. Even with the softer DS, the 34 maintains its structure and shape surprisingly well thanks to the aggressive articulation and low profile pocket arrays. I was playing around with the cinching here but they are equally good uncinched, especially with boots. One thing I forgot from my 34-s ownership was how bulky anything thick looks in the cargo pockets, especially since it stacks on top of anything you carry in the security or phone pockets. The internal phone pockets in the cargo keeps it from shifting around or swinging if it fits (I have a fairly loaded mp2ts I carry), but it is noticeable. The 30/24, 32, and 10/31 style pockets do a better job hiding bulk, but obviously at the expense of the low profile while empty.
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    I spent last week in Mexico. The first half of the trip was spent in Mayanalán meeting my girlfriend’s family and then we spent the second half in Mexico City. Hopefully we will be going back often. At my gf’s father land that they use to grow corn. Relaxing and enjoying the view at her parents house. Went to a market in Iguala to get some Consome and Birria In the heart of Mexico City. Our last meal in Mexico City. Barbacoa at Eno. Check out my IG for more food pictures. https://www.instagram.com/p/CP9kX-6phey/?utm_medium=copy_link
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    Stevenson / Hollows / Sassafras / Tender / Mill Reef
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    Señora Padre's 77BSP. She is good at beating up jeans.
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    Got me psyched to put on my EDOs. SC is the most underrated denim company, such unique types of denim.
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    How could I possibly forget… These are actually a perfect fit aside from the inseam coming up 2 inches short. I might send them off to get the hem redone with a proper thread color and chainstitch
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    Action shots. Wanted to show the drape of the trousers in motion. Cheap sunglasses Kate's pearls Novelty sweatshirt Bootleg Westwood Seditionaries T Vintage Seiko 5 Vintage Seersucker trousers with vintage nylon D ring belt Vintage Gucci loafers
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    Sold my Seiko SLA019 and Oris Carl Brashear to get the GS SBGH255. It sits well on my 7” wrist.
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    You enabler you Mr Bartles... Got this lovely Sun Surf Special Edition Duke Kahanamoku "Duke's Pineapple" through from Hinoya Arrived pretty quick from Fedex once I'd made a minimum order including Whitesville t-shirts and paid the import charges The shirt fits a treat; the Whitesville should have been OK after the forecast shrink in width, however in a 40C wash, they actually expanded!! A two pack of XXL white t-shirts are up for grabs if anyone is interested, unworn, washed once
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    About time! FW will be announcing their new collection soon! Always been envious of the t-back, I think they look cool
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    Easily in excess of 50 washes - 10.5oz ‘military’ denim (same as my Westinghouse suit) - I wear these in the house, garden, and in better weather, wandering about the town. The denim seems immortal …
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    @CLoudyun You feeling a little buthurt because I downvoted you so you've gone on a rampage negrepping everything, while you are trying to attract highest bidders rather than offer an honest sale. Fuck off out of here with your whiny snide bitchcunt ways, you are the type that brought this place right down, 'nuff said. Out.
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    TCB catboy, Duck Digger 43s
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    runabout goods Starborn WH ranch high Ryder whites
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    Just wanted to share my joy on this recent pick up on a pair of SEXSC06 from 2008 I've been on a long search for. Always wanted a pair, but just wasn't able to afford it back in the day. I was honestly doubtful I'd ever find a pair in my size and in decent condition, but lo and behold an unworn pair popped up. It has only been cold rinsed and has not been altered or hemmed. I'm really surprised a pair in this pristine condition was even listed for sale considering it's been over a decade since its release. The cut is a Japanese slim straight, which isn't really my taste anymore (I've been wearing a lot of classic straight), but I had to pull the trigger as they are still one of my all time favorite jean. Enjoy the detailed pics below: I really enjoy the buffalo patch and the lightweight 50/50 cotton/sugarcane fibers The yellow corduroy pocket bags and pin check rear pocket lining are probably my favorite details. Very thin green selvedge line...
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    #16 coming back into the game... Got mine near the end of October, after a size swap, so no special pocket bags or competition patch for me. Have been wearing them pretty consistently since, with a week off here and there. Took a while to get used to the incredibly high rise, but get used to them I did, and now I love the fit. First pic is April, after one wash. The rest are a couple of days ago, after another wash, and a crotch and hem repair.
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    Purse thing aging really nicely—been my main stuff-carrier for the past however long, works great & looks good too