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    Just had a quick staycation in Bandung, West Java
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    in other news: i got the 2000xx deadstock blue jacket in the mail today. i kinda dig how the pocket is ever so slightly slanted. here are some pictures.
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    Tried to take some better pictures with an old Canon. Had a little assistant helping out.
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    Lovely day until I decided to venture out ... Freewheelers Cassady, M-1938 Mackinaw, Conductor and Lot 601XX + White’s
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    Visvim Achse // Oldblue Tees // TCB 40s // Viberg x Iron Heart
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    I also took advantage of the rare Austin, Texas Snowpocalypse today. Mister Freedom deck jacket. Stevenson wool thermal. TCB 40's. Paraboot.
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    Hi everyone! Happy new year! Obviously, the world has changed in 2020. I think everyone's life has changed a lot. But everyone, don't lose!  The other day, Hajime updated the progress of many Japanese contest jeans. Among them, I am paying attention to # 146 "SEISAN". That wrinkle is like Vitage's s501xx. Also, I'm curious about their pair of "kameisenpai", "kiriyamaworks", "nayuta" and the previous champion "yabyoshi", most of which are wrapped in a veil. By the way, the town where I live is also below freezing. The drops dripping from the faucet at work are also frozen. After this, the pipe ruptured and became flooded ... Even if it's cold, "cows are naked" ... "chickens are barefoot" ... fish are "underwater" ... Given that, I'm still happy wearing jeans and a jacket Hahaha My pair for 4 months today There is a "woven scratch" in the back left pocket of my pair.
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    #46 coming along slowly but surely-starting to get nice outline fades from putting my phone in my back left pocket. Up to 2 hot soaks and now 2 washes. But hard to follow @Uncle Karlon a fade progress update
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    Just arrived from S&S’ sale: block stripe navy x mustard tee (not loopwheeled) and triple stitch cowboy pants...
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    ^ Miserable git Freewheelers Cassady, Recon, Trailblazer and 51s c/w White’s
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    Arctic exploration or just snow in Texas? 3sixteen watch cap/Patagonia/Merz B Schwannen/Vintage/LL Bean No denim today, just these cozy vintage military pants that belonged to the dad when he was in the Antarctic. Is this outfit overkill for the light snow we get in Texas? Yes. Am I cozy as fuck? Also yes.
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    An update before going down the 1st trip to the washer! Just felt like washing it this morning cos its a weirdly sunny day in Eindhoven rare chance to dry it up after the wash. + pics of short bike trip round the neighbourhood
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    I bought @Broark contest jacket and I’m happy with the fit. I know I need to get the sleeves shortened. I think the jacket is just a tad too big but I like not being restricted in any of my movement. I think if I went with the next size down, size 44, I would feel some restriction in the chest. This could all be because I’m used to much tighter fitting jackets. I was reminded at how much darker my jeans used to be. I thought they were still dark.
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    @diggers - really enjoying your military and no-cuff with engineers - a lot... for me, back to winter blues 80s gloverall duffle [with poorly arranged toggles...], tcb40s, white socks [winter wool edition], r.mocs
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    You can't beat Japanese wood working tools and I must admit I am totally obsessed with them, these ones our extra nice.
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    Comfy outdoor garment Inverallan TCB ww2 Paraboot
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    Those are not just "higher rise". They are some of the highest rise you could find around. They're the rise for which all other rises are low rises. They're the rise to which all high rise look up to. They're the highest, risest ever.
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    My tools are collecting dust. They are nice things though. meanwhile some more stuff from my walls. 1930,s Japanese festival flag/banner. its twice the size you see in the picture. About 5m. Long. The other half is all Japanese writhing . Other one is a woodblock print edo era from kunichika.
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    Awesome pictures all together Julian! Not so active outdoors with the current weather but being active in our provisional kitchen. Making Swabian noodles (Spätzle) with cheese or how it is called here "Käsespätzle". The dough is pretty simple as with most/all noodles. You just have to beat the crap out of it. There are some techniques and stuff how to get it into the hot water. We use this thing Let the dough in the water for a few minutes until the noodles float to the top Remove them and put them in a bowl. Layer the noodles with different kinds of mountain cheese And finally top it with some onions if you like
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    Had my Whites x 4q69 boots re soled and also re lasted. much better boot now
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    Peak Indy for me...40538H from Alden Madison, most importantly, on cork neoprene sole just like the OG 405. I understand the trend of Commando soles the last few years for anyone who still follows Alden, but I generally prefer cork or leather soles as they just seem to match these old styles better.
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    Enjoying my vices. You can hardly tell but I am wearing the TCBs. Playing the long game with these for sure.
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    Thanks! Yes I'm really happy with how they came out. The corduroy is deadstock from a mill that used to weave in the UK but moved their production overseas years ago- they just had a few bits left of old British-woven cloth. It's a lovely soft cord and took washing really well. I particularly like how the wool flannel liner shrinks slightly more than the cord, so it pulls the edges in just a fraction, giving them a really nice 3D rolled edge. The body and pockets are lined with Welsh wool flannel, and the sleeves are lined with English cotton mattress ticking, so they're easier to pull on and off over other garments. Here's the tan version, size 3, over a type 450 high back shirt and 136s:
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    iphone pic of what I was wearing under the mackinaw in WAYWT